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Amir and Hassan

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The relationship between Amir and Hassan The relationship between Amir and Hassan is viewed upon as very close. From the description of Hassan by Amir during the second chapter you can interpret that there is no menace or anger inside this true friendship, "perfectly round face". Amir who is the narrator uses the idea of imagery on Hassan to an effective standard that can portray a sense of passion and pride to being his friend, "eyes that looked, depending on the light, gold, green even sapphire". However, there is another difference in the relationship. Amir is a Pashtun. Pashtuns are the dominant ethnic group in Afghanistan compared to Hassan, who's a Shi'a. ...read more.


I'd tease him, expose his ignorance," such a comment shows the superiority over Hassan Amir believes he has. The writer uses non-standard sentences to represent a feel of individuality in Amir, "He didn't say anything. Not then, not ever". Amir and Hassan both lost their mothers during the same week. Hassan's mother gave birth to him and within that same week she flead with a "clan of travelling singers and dancers", this is considered far worse than death to Afghans. In addition Amir's mother died during childbirth, this in my opinion is why Amir and his father Baba have such an emotional detached relationship. "Baba's valiant efforts to conceal the disgust look on his face", this demonstrates Amir's disgust towards his son as he did not live up to the expectations he had. ...read more.


In my opinion I think Amir feels threatened by Hassan as he is in many ways much more of a ideal son in Baba's eyes, so this results in jealousy and maybe even where the mocking of Amir to Hassan results in. Adding to this I believe Amir is jealous of Hassan's courage and how he's "good with a catapult". In conclusion from the first couple of chapters you can interpret that Amir and Hassan have a very strong relationship. Their relationship is introduced through their shared games and visits to the cinema, "Cinema Zainab". You can also interpret the symbolism of the two kites and how that's linked to Amir and Hassan's close relationship. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nick O'Leary ...read more.

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