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Analysing Romeo And Juliet by William Shakespeare.

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Analysing Romeo And Juliet - By William Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet is a classical play written in the Elizabethan period, between the years 1550's and 1600's. It is an archetypal love story, written by Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) in the year 1595. Theatres were not as enhanced as today then. Hence the plot and the scheme of the story played a strong importance to the audience because the other aspects (such as the lighting, the props, the background etc.) of theatre were considerably dull in comparison to today. The play was set in the late 12th Century in a city-state Verona in Italy. It was based on the story of two star-crossed lovers who fall in love at first sight and take vows to spend their life together but against all this was the great ancient feud between their two families 'The Capulet's' and 'The Montague's'. The play is highly exhilarating and shows a great variety of emotions and themes. These innovative aspects of the play, moreover, reinforce and embellish its principal themes love, hate, and enmity. ...read more.


Shakespeare's format is on stage and was performed under circumstances where much was not feasible, for example as lighting was not available the play had to be performed in the daytime, the background sceneries could not be changed and so all was done in one, special effects were not the least of an option as technology did not allow it. Whereas Baz Luhrman had access to all such areas, hence giving him the resources to provide a much genuine and intricate performance. Baz Luhrman's version consisted of modern day themes such as violence, love, sex, dangerous and panicky situations. He has put in touches of modern culture like guns instead of swords and cars instead of horses. Also some excellent special effects and soundtracks had been added making the movie exciting and an overall experience. A director's role in the making of a movie is very important. It is the director who visualises the scene in order to give out an original performance, it is the director which decides how each scene will be performed, why it will be performed and when will it be performed. ...read more.


The language in the above quote is highly imaginative yet romantic and highly poetic yet seductive. The language is very powerful and contains a phenomenal control on the mind. Its effect is ever so powerful that its inner meaning haunts the mind for prolonged time. It conveys the thoughts and emotions of the characters to the utmost accuracy and details. I as the director also have to decide the language and text to be used. To decide this I have keep my target audience in consideration. I have decided to aim my movie to a wide range of audience. I wish to keep in the same respect and sanctity as Shakespeare's version except for giving it more liveliness and enthusiasm. Therefore the movie will be appropriate for anyone from mature teenagers to adults. As director I have decided to act the play on a movie set. This will enable me to a wider range of options and features such as special effects, soundtracks, lighting etc. This will make it possible for me to bring out the true emotions of the individual characters and give it a more realistic atmosphere. For example the actors will not have the need to shout out the dialogues, allowing them to whisper in the romantic scenes. ...read more.

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