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Citizenship Coursework

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Citizenship Coursework The second assignment is to produce a piece of coursework based on active citizenship. As a group we had agreed to complete a litter piece of our school, although there has been a huge reduction in litter around school there are still some parts where there is litter lying around. Our aim was to show other students in school the importance of having a litter free area. This includes keeping areas tidy and preventing the spread of vermin like rats and reducing the cost of maintenance areas that take up council's time and money. The second reason is to show that by being involved in projects in my school or community it is a way to make a difference and change things on our own and not rely on others to change our environment. ...read more.


Whilst carrying out this project my task was to go to forms G1 and G2 in year seven, to tell them about the hamper collection, I went to these to forms with a classmate everyday for a week and a half at registration time After decorating the boxes we had to get a list of senior citizens who would appreciate receiving food from us. We decided to do this by asking family and friends firstly and then put a message in the bulletin asking all students to the name of someone. The response we received was excellent as we very quickly had thirty-three names to go with our hampers, which we had collected. From here we organised the booking of the school bus for two days to deliver the hampers the hampers and several of us took part in delivering the hampers. ...read more.


If we did this project again I would consider time-management, as we needed more time to plan and organise such a huge task. We hope to pass on what we did to other year groups to continue this emotional and worth wile project. Hopefully some of us will take our ideas into our communities as we get older and try t0o make a difference. I will certainly try to do something else in the local area. This experience was invaluable and taught how to get help from different bodies. I enjoyed taking part in this project a lot even though I had to spend some of my free time going to other classes to tell them about the hampers. I also enjoyed working in a group as we all got on well, and we all listened to other people ideas and therefore made the project better, whilst working in a group we did not argue either. ...read more.

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