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Comment on Romeo's language; study of is language-comparing words about Rosaline with those words about Juliet.

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Comment on Romeo's language; study of is language-comparing words about Rosaline with those words about Juliet. " With close reference to Act 1, explain how Shakespeare suggests that Romeo's love for Juliet is more Sincere then his love for Rosaline." 'Romeo and Juliet' is a playscript written by William Shakespeare in 1595, it is a play about two "star-crossed lovers," set in Renaissance Italy, where the couple's families are the fiercely antagonistic Capulets and Montagues. Whilst reviewing the first act of 'Romeo and Juliet.' A brief understanding of Romeo's rejected love from Rosaline and his returned love from Juliet can be acquired. Romeo is a son of the Montague whereas Juliet is a daughter of the Capulets. At the beginning of this act, Romeo is deeply in love with Rosaline, yet he comments negatively about his love for her. This is because Rosaline does not return the love Romeo had given to Rosaline. Therefore Romeo is 'stressed' with his life. 'Is the day so young.' This indicates that time is dragging by as there is no love for him in life which leads to no pleasure in life. On the other hand, when Romeo is in love with Juliet love is less flowery and realistic. This is strengthened when he quotes about Juliet, '...so shows a snowy dove trooping with crows.' ...read more.


Shakespeare stresses that the love Romeos tangled in is very difficult to get out off. Therefore, Romeo is finding it extremely troublesome to forget Rosaline. On the same day, Romeo gatecrashes the Capulet's fancy dress party with a few friends. That night he senses love at first sight. He falls deeply in love with Juliet because of her appearance. In the same way, Juliet gradually falls in love with Romeo's appearance. Romeo alleges, '...For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.' This illustrates that Romeo has never distinguished true beauty before this night. It also emphasises that Rosaline was not defined to him as true beauty. Therefore there was something different Romeo saw in Rosaline; maybe it was her characteristics or status, but as it has not been mentioned in Act 1 we do not actually know the reason for his love for her, but for certain we know that Romeo fell in love with Juliet's beauty. In all probabilities, Romeo and Juliet were not really in love. They were infatuated with each other. They were in love with the idea that they were in love. They could not have fallen so deeply in love with only one conversation. Meanwhile, on the meeting of Romeo and Juliet, he describes Juliet as a 'holy shrine', this implies that there is nothing purer than a holy shrine, representing that Juliet's beauty is totally pure. ...read more.


This is because it was true love; whereas when Romeo fell in love with Juliet it was love at first sight therefore he loves her beauty and not her so it is not true love for the reason that it's just falling in love with her appearance. So, as I have said I think that Romeo's love for Juliet is less sincere then his love for Rosaline. Whereas, Shakespeare suggests that Romeo's love for Juliet is more sincere then his love for Rosaline for the reason that when Romeo is in love with Juliet, he is very honest and shows his romantic emotions which also makes Juliet feel the same way about him. This is highlighted when Romeo states, '...If I profane with my unworthiest hands this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this...' it also shows that if Romeo touches the holy shrine (Juliet) with his unpleasant hands there will be a tender sin left upon the holy shrine. Furthermore, Romeo is free from pretence, but when he was in love with Rosaline he did act out his emotions to show how he felt, excluding the reasons. Therefore he was living in a world of depression but did not show why. Therefore you can see why I think Romeo's love for Juliet is less sincere then his love for Rosaline. Evidently, Shakespeare wanted the audience to think that Romeo's love for Juliet is more sincere then his love for Rosaline. Hema Patel 11/6 ...read more.

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