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Comment on the use of soliloquies in Hamlet. Discuss Hamlet's first soliloquy and show how it reveals certain aspects of Hamlet's character.

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Comment on the use of soliloquies in Hamlet. Discuss Hamlet's first soliloquy and show how it reveals certain aspects of Hamlet's character Soliloquies are defined as "the act of talking to oneself". This dramatic monologue gives the illusion of series of unspoken thoughts. It is used by a character to reveal thoughts to the audience. They will either be alone on the stage, or believe themselves to be alone. The use of soliloquies was popular in Shakespeare's time. A few of the characters in Hamlet use soliloquies, Hamlet frequently uses them when he questions things that are going on, he speaks to himself unaware people are listening in and they think he has gone 'mad.' Claudius also uses soliloquies throughout the play when he needs to question himself what is going on. Hamlet has many soliloquies throughout the play, one or more per act. In act one scene ii, Hamlet reveals his death wish through a soliloquy, "How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of the world!" ...read more.


In Hamlets' first soliloquy, he condemns his uncle and his mother. However, the end of this soliloquy betrays the tragic flaw of Hamlet. "But break my heart, for I must hold my tongue." This shows Hamlet as a Prince, who would later bring his own downfall with this flaw. In this soliloquy, we are told how he wants to kill himself but he cannot because there are so many things against it and to commit suicide is a sin. He has decided that there is no need for him in the world now his father has gone. Hamlet tells us how less than a month after his fathers' death his mother was married to Claudius and her mourning for Hamlet had stopped; yet, he was still mourning his death. Now he believes his fathers' death was suspicious because they are both now better off than before, Claudius has the throne, Gertrude has a husband, more power and can do pretty much what she wants, but she still loves her son and Hamlet cannot see this. ...read more.


For Claudius I think he feels much less, and did at one time love him as you do love an uncle, but now he knows the truth I think he is full of hatred towards him. There is no one he can talk to about his feelings because his mother is biased towards Claudius. She would not listen to him anyway, and anyone else is against him or spying on him. Therefore, there is no one he can talk to without someone suspecting him of something. The use of soliloquies is important in Hamlet as it allows the audience to see the thoughts of the characters all through the play. The soliloquies are also important because they help us understand the behaviour of characters later in the play and how they change. Soliloquies reveal the inward facet of characters. It shows traits of characters otherwise inexplicable by acting and plot. It serves one major function: to arouse emotions of audiences. It is by these that we understand the character of Hamlet, and have sympathy of him. Adam Cooke 11W ...read more.

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