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Comparison of the description Rosa del Valle in Allende's 'The House Of Spirits' and Anna Karenin in Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenin'.

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World Literature Assignment 1 Comparison of the description Rosa del Valle in Allende's 'The House Of Spirits' and Anna Karenin in Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenin'. By Solange Di Rocca Marymount International School, London Feb. 2004 The style of description of author varies from one to another like fingerprints that allow us to distinguish and gain different feels from them and perceive their work in different ways. A writer's style of writing in fact influences the reader greatly when interpreting the novel or piece of writing, in prose like in poetry. These styles of writing are often used as tools by authors to create and develop a certain mood in their work. Descriptions are important in all pieces of work as they allow us, the reader, to analyse the writers' style. By taking two writers' descriptions, one can compare the techniques used by the authors. I have decided to take two very different authors, Leo Tolstoy and Isabel Allende, and compare the first description of two characters, Rosa del Valle and Anna Karenin, both described as beautiful individuals in both novels. ...read more.


There is a slight air of formality in the way that he first sees this woman. His first analysis is that she must be upper class. The description explores from the outside in starting quite formally describing her as any other person but as we are told directly, but as he ' was about to enter the carriage but felt he must have another look at her-not because of her beauty, not o account of the elegance and unassuming grace of her whole figure, but because of something tender and caressing in her lovely face as she passed him'3. In this passage we immediately sense something special about this woman, she is beautiful and gentle and something makes her stand out of the crowd of people. Both these characters are beautiful each in its individual way. We can see this through their descriptions. Both women stand out because of their beauty, which is a prominent object of their description in both passages. And yet their descriptions remain very different. ...read more.


Rosa which recalls her childhood, and like a vortex pulls the readers into it; where as Anna Karenin's description leaves much to the imagination, and slowly brings the reader into the story. This is Tolstoy's preferred technique, never giving too much away intriguing the reader. These two novels are very different and the methods used to describe the two characters also differ on many levels, the characters themselves are very different, almost opposites, but they share one thing in common and that is beauty. Beauty is very prominent in both descriptions and it is universal, many have written about it in different styles and manner but beauty remains beauty, the concept can be understood by anyone who has experienced, and all the writer needs to do is to tap into some aspect of the readers experience of beauty, by using different methods of description, in order to make these descriptions successful ones, such as these by Allende and Tolstoy; which although different, successful in its own purpose. By: Solange Di Rocca 1 Page: 14, lines: 25-27 2 Page: 15, lines: 10-13 3 Page: 75, Lines: 4-8 1 ...read more.

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