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Consider the ways in which 'Blackadder Goes Forth' not only teaches us about the history and conditions of World War One, but also makes us share the characters feelings, and so sympathise with the soldiers involved in that war

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Dan Dowling 10N English Coursework 16-03-05 Media Coursework Consider the ways in which 'Blackadder Goes Forth' not only teaches us about the history and conditions of World War One, but also makes us share the characters feelings, and so sympathise with the soldiers involved in that war 'Blackadder Goes Forth' is a highly entertaining and very popular comedy series. It is, however more than just a comedy; it helps the audience understand many things about the First World War. In the episode 'Goodbyee', we see what life was like in the trenches on the front line, especially is what food and drink they had and what overall conditions were like in the trenches. It also says things about soldier's feelings before they went 'over the top'. The soldiers feel very nervous and are scared, they show this by trying to fool the general believing them that they were ill. The programme teaches us about the conditions in which the soldiers lived. Blackadder's makes up sarcastic comments during the programme. This says that the trenches were full of water, especially after rain and that they were not a very nice place to live in. ...read more.


The Camera closes in on Darling's face when he realises that he will be going to fight on the front line. This symbolises that when someone dies, they supposedly see a bright light before they go to heaven and light at the end of the tunnel. When Melchett tells Darling that he is going to go 'over the top'. This makes the audience feel some sympathy for Darling because, he doesn't want to go 'over the top'. After Melchett has told Darling where he is going, and the driver arrives to take him to the front line, there is another bright light surrounding Darling, and a dark patch in the middle, this says to the audience that he was going to die when he went over the top. The camera looks down on Darling; this is so that the audience can get a view of his expressions from different angles and so you can really see how much he is panicking about going over the top and dying this also shows that he is of a low status and has to follow orders of those who are of a higher status than him. ...read more.


at, this makes you wonder whether they are still alive, or whether they have died from machine gun fire, it also give the soldiers point of view. I will now explain some of the effects of the ending of 'Goodbyee'. The picture gradually turns from colour to black and white; this symbolises the time that has passed by. The picture then changes to a poppy field, this is done in memory of all those who died during WWI and gave their lives up for their country. There is total silence for a few seconds, so the audience can reflect what has happened. This bird song resembles peace at the end of the war and that there is no more fighting, the war was over. I have shown that we learn a great deal about the First World War, and what it must have been like for those involved just by watching this one episode of Blackadder. The use of sound and visual effects makes the audience think very carefully about the war, and because we get to know the characters and like them, also they make us laugh and their large use of sarcasm makes the whole thing more enjoyable. We feel sympathy for the actors too. ...read more.

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