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Coursework Commentary I have written two different works; a piece of Horror fiction (referred to as Text A), and a review of an album

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Coursework Commentary I have written two different works; a piece of Horror fiction (referred to as Text A), and a review of an album (referred to as Text B). Text A is an opening chapter of a Horror novel. Its purpose is to entertain and interest the reader, by presenting unpredictable plotlines to bypass the reader's expectations, and creating in-depth characters that will affect the reader and draw them in. It is written for adult readers of any gender who read for entertainment; particularly the horror/thriller genre. The complex vocabulary and mature plot elements used would make this piece unsuitable for a younger audience. This piece would most likely be found in a magazine/short story collection such as 'Writers Forum', or perhaps a stand-alone novel. Text B is a review of an album. Its purpose is to offer a personal opinion and verdict and to give detailed description. Its audiences are rock-music fans and the particular fans of the artist of the album in question. This piece would most likely be featured in a music magazine such as 'NME magazine'. It uses both emotive and technical vocabulary that would be suitable for teenagers and adults, and for groups of almost any educational ability. I used an omniscient third person narrative stance for Text A, 'He was drunk, and to them that was no unobvious truth', allowing myself to portray the thoughts and actions of each individual character, and to describe the settings in detail. ...read more.


I conclude with my final verdict on the album, 'All in all, the album conclusively compliments the never-ending talent of this remarkable Las Vegas Rock & Roll foursome.' My verdict on the album is positive. My aim was to share my feelings towards the album, and so overall I achieve this aim. I use varying sentence types in Text A. For example, I used many complex sentences to provide a vivid description on a character or setting, 'He was sat on a cushioned barstool that offered minimal comfort, with his elbows resting lazily on the polished surface of the bar.' I also used simple sentences to deliver momentous plot details, as this creates focus on the detail by giving it a sentence of its own, 'He gave it to her'. The variety of sentence types gives my piece a more interesting, diverse and unexpected feel and this will help to entertain the reader. The sentences moods in Text A are all declarative, as their purpose is to narrate the plot and offer description; the narrator does not directly address the reader. As in Text A, I used various sentence types in Text B (simple, compound etc). In difference, Text B features rhetorical questions, 'So, was it worth it?' which produces an interrogative sentence mood. ...read more.


The effect this has is to produce more power in the words as the reader reads them, to bring them to life, to entertain the reader. In Text B, I used specialist lexis in the semantic field of music, such as 'composed' and 'crescendo'. This was done to achieve a more professional and technical feel to the piece, as this would create interest for readers with musical knowledge. It also helps to describe the album tracks in more detail using technical music terms. I use a colloquial, informal phrase, 'huh'. This is used to create a more conversational and informal tone in order to connect with the reader and draw them in. I used alliteration and assonance in this piece of further the descriptive power. 'Hefty huh', this piece of alliteration helps to maximise the effect of the colloquial 'huh'. The effect of giving life to the phrase is achieved, and is used as the phrase is displayed as being spoken word. Assonance is also used to create a softer sound as the phrase is read. The effect is achieved in the phrase 'eases eager listeners' as the letter 'e' is repeated several times. I use personification in the piece in order to give the effect of a music track having human qualities. 'The track amiably waves goodbye.' This creates an effect of the track coming to life and having an effect on the listener. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Language: Context, Genre & Frameworks section.

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