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different types of love in romeo and juliet

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ROMEO AND JULIET BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE ENGLISH COURSEWORK: TASK: different types of love in the patriarchal society. The love of Romeo and Juliet although idealized is rooted in passionate sexuality. In this play, it is never far to the point that love is related to sex. The feelings between Romeo and Juliet are more of lost that love. In Act 2 Scene 2, at the infamous balcony scene at lord Capulet's orchard, Romeo gets down to what he feels is the most important and possibly the only reason why he is attracted to Juliet ...''o wilt thou live me so unsatisfied?". ...read more.


It is very obvious that there is no love or even lust between them and their marriage was arranged. Lady Capulet is always making jokes implying that he is not man enough. Romeo's meaning of satisfaction in this case implies as sex which further backs up the point of him not true love feelings for her. Juliet on the other hand, her emotions come across as true love towards Romeo. She replies his request by saying ... ...read more.


The love of Romeo and Juliet is unconventional. It is unconventional in the sense that there is no permission for their love. It is as if Paris had the permission from lord Capulet to date Juliet but not to, marry her. Juliet represents the modern young lady because she questions the law. Traditionally, girls are supposed to marry any boy that their father picks for them else he reserves the right to kill them. Romeo and Juliet's love could also be said to be violent love. Violent in the sense that they kill themselves for each other. ...read more.

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