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Don Quixote, King Lear, Huck Finn, Dollhouse

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Don Quixote, King Lear, Huck Finn, Dollhouse Disagreements can cause wars and bitter feelings. They can also cause people to ignore or avoid one another. To run away from a disagreement within the self however, is not as easy. It haunts a person in their sleep, and without acquiring an adequate knowledge of the self, peace within is hard to obtain. Many literary works address the journey of discovering the self, and they use different characters to explore various circumstances surrounding this journey. In his book, Don Quixote, Cervantes explores the adventures of Don Quixote as he pursues his chivalric dreams. Throughout the book, Don Quixote has renamed everything in order to make everyday people and animals into chivalric characters. The act of renaming himself shows his decision to reject his identity as farmer and to embrace what he believes to be his real identity as a chivalric knight. He is convinced that he is helping the people he encounters. From Don Quixote's point of view, he believes fiercely in the authenticity of his identity. ...read more.


His immense discomfort for their "sivilized [sic]" ways, coupled by the need to escape from his abusive father, prompts Huck to embark on a journey he discovers more about his identity. Free from the Widow Douglas, Huck now assumes what he believes to be his authentic identity. This identity is a combination of his pragmatic attitude along with the morals society has taught him and some of the grandiose imagination of Tom Sawyer. When Huck is trying to rescue Jim from the Phelps farm, Tom keeps suggesting elaborate ideas like digging Jim out with a fork, or baking a rope into a cake. The impracticality of these ideas challenges Huck to reject the Tom Sawyer side of his identity. His views on whether it is right to free a slave also changes as he spends more time with Jim, and Huck starts to discover more of his own identity and reject the things society has taught him. Much like Huck, Nora in A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen has an identity forced upon her, but she does not recognize it until some time has passed in the play. ...read more.


Don Quixote has most likely absorbed some of Sancho Panzo's realism and is somewhere in between extreme romanticism and realism. It is impossible to tell if Huck Finn has successfully discovered his identity by the end of the book. He is still very young, so he will most likely continue to discover new things about himself especially if he continues to experience things on his own. King Lear has definite success in discovering his new identity as a humbled man, yet this successful transformation cost him a great deal of suffering. Nova also makes some sacrifices in order to discover herself, but King Lear suffers the biggest loss. Along with the books mentioned so far, many other literary works address the issue of identity. This common theme is repeated because everyone is shaped by society and his or her surroundings. Often times a person will be passive while they are being shaped, until they realize they have become someone they do not want to be. Different characters react differently to such realizations and have different circumstances they must overcome to resolve this conflict. In all cases, taking the journey to discover oneself is an important step towards achieving inner peace. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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