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Emma's first day at university

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Short Story. As she approached the door, she felt a shiver creep up her spine. She reached for the doorknob. As the door creaked open, she felt a gush of cold air rush past her. Her heart began to pound faster and faster leaving her with a breathless sensation. She slowly entered the room. The door slammed shut behind her, making her squeal with fright. Her palms grew sweaty, her knees trembling; soon her whole body began to shake. There was a sense of presence around her. The curtains started to blow, the window shutters opened and closed vigorously. Just as quickly as it had all started, it stopped. There was an eerie uneasy silence... This was Emma's first day at university. It should have the best day of her life; instead, it was turning into a nightmare. She heard a quiet knock at the door. ...read more.


Emma began to get confused; no one could run down a corridor that quickly surely. Emma thought this was very odd, she felt rather tired, Emma lay down on her bed, and she fell asleep within minutes. The room Emma was staying in was very basic. All the student accommodation had a simple layout, one room; it had a bed, a sink, one small table and a chair. Emma's room number was 294, the third storey up on the eighth storey building. As Emma awoke the next morning, she got up to get a glass of water. As she made her way to the sink, she could not help but notice what looked like a notebook on the table. As she got closer, she realised it was a diary. Her heart raced. On the front was a name 'Lauren Spencer'. At this point Emma was very puzzled as this was her room. ...read more.


Why do you ask?" said Emma rather curiously "I don't know if this is my place to say but a girl staying in room 294 committed suicide last year" Emma started to tremble, and she ran off down the corridor to her room, as she reached her room, she slammed the door shut, locking it behind her. She turned around to find herself almost face to face with the same girl from last night. Gasping for breath, she realised closing the door was the biggest mistake she had just made. "Are you Lauren?" panted Emma "Yes I am" replied Emma in a flat tone of voice. "What do you want from me!" cried Emma, have anything just leave please! Sweating ran down Emma's forehead, she covered her face with her trembling hands, and slowing edged down the side of the wall. "I want what I don't have. Life." Lauren walked towards Emma. Screaming, Lauren grabbed Emma by her throat. Struggling through, Emma tried to fight back, but was just too weak against this power driven poltergeist. Finally, Emma had given up the will to live. ...read more.

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