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Encountering conflict can bring out the best and the worst in people. Discuss

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Encountering conflict can bring out the best and the worst in people * Intro - September 11 brought out good and bad o Barack Obama o Brought out good patriotism o Turned into revenge which bred racial intolerance o Multiculturalism placed on trial o Culture of surveillance * 1 - Conflict elicit our virtue o Channel to reassess o Giles Corey - bravery in confrontation and death * 2 - Conflict can make us reassess and change who we are o Bali Nine leaders - bad to good * 3 - Conflict can bring out self-serving behaviour o With "arena of morality" gone, characters exploited o Thomas Putnam o "long held hatreds" o Ann Putnam and Abigail seek revenge * 4 - Conflict seen today in dictators o Mobutu Sese Seko o The Western world's ignorance o People can do as they want * 5 - Conflict can bring people together o Proctor's are brought together o At home, "sense of separation", but this changes in face of conflict Intro: 9/11 brought out good and bad; volunteers, racial intolerance, multiculturalism on trial "One of the things we've told them is that the worst terrorist attack in American history also brought out the best in our country". ...read more.


Chan and Sukumaran have become mentors for inmates, run art and language programs and, from the perception of the guards themselves, are "model prisoners". Greater men would have been excused for living out their days with a self-serving bitterness, considering the punishment far out-weighs the crime. Yet these two figures merely focus on each day, enjoying a life we often take for granted. Their conflict has acted as a catalyst for their own individual growth, and indeed these noble characters have developed through their ordeal and are a sterling example of dignified change in spite of the poisonous grasp of conflict. Conflict can bring out self-serving behavior: evil can thrive unchecked, no accountability Yet, conflict can bring out petty, even sinister, self-serving behaviour in some naturally malevolent individuals involved. When there is the possibility to profit from a situation, our values are often subjugated to secondary importance. In The Crucible some characters shamelessly exploit the prevailing mistrust and hysteria, where "land-lust could now be elevated to the arena of morality". It is therefore unsurprising "so many accusations against people are in the handwriting of Thomas Putnam", as the vindictive, vengeful man went about "killing his neighbors for land". ...read more.


The presence of a common enemy, and shared conflict has elicited their own individual virtue - John's bravery and "shred of goodness" and Elizabeth's resilience - but more importantly it has brought them together. Together they achieve the immense courage for John to go willingly to his dignified death, and as he lifts his wife into the air in a last passionate embrace, conflict has brought love anew, albeit with devastating consequences Crucible pot By examining the notion of a crucible itself, we can better understand conflict. A crucible is a pot which is used to melt elements together. The elements within the pot, when incompatible, can often produce an adverse reaction, yet when the heat is harnessed in the right manner the crucible is able to produce a product of great value. In this way, conflict can act as the crucible. Sometimes it elicits our most admirable virtues, whilst at other times, it gives rise to our most maliciously wicked, unfathomably gruesome actions. As such, conflict can bring out the best and the worst in us. September 11 is this modern day crucible, and as such, it remains clear to see that conflict can bring out our best and worst ...read more.

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