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English Literature Comparing Poems

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English Literature Comparing Poems Compare 'Homecoming' and 'Before you were mine' which concentrate on relationships? The poem 'Homecoming' is about the poet (Simon Armitage's) wife's childhood and about their relationship at present. The poem begins with the poet talking about his wife at nursery. The poet shows us that it is about a child by describing a character wearing 'one canary - yellow cotton jacket' as it signifies childhood. The child gets her jacket 'scuffed' and 'blackened' in the cloakroom and her mother makes 'proper fist of it'. In the next paragraph the character 'sneaks' out of the house and plans to run away but end up retracing her 'walk towards the garden gate' and goes home. In the last paragraph it talks about the poet's relationship with his wife. Carol Ann Duffy's 'Before You Were Mine' is about her feeling guilty that she was born as she believes that she ruined her mother's life. The poet describes her mother as being a 'high - heeled red shoes relics'. Both poems 'Homecoming' and 'Before You Were Mine' themes explore relationships. In 'Homecoming' Simon Armitage concentrates on relationships by describing the events of his wife's childhood showing her conflict with her parents at different ages and stages of her life. ...read more.


In 'Homecoming' Simon Armitage begins with 'Think'. He does this purposely as the word think is a universal reference to all relationships. The whole first stanza is an extended metaphor 'The first, that exercise in trust, where those in front stand with their arms spread wide and free - fall backwards blind, and those behind take all the weight. Armitage uses an extended metaphor about trust to get his feelings across. In the second paragraph Armitage uses the 'one canary - yellow cotton jacket' to signify his wife's childhood. Armitage used the 'yellow cotton jacket' as it must have been an important item from his wife's childhood. In the third line of the second paragraph Armitage uses the metaphor 'becoming scuffed and blackened underfoot'. Armitage uses this metaphor as it represents the character being bullied or growing up. In this poem the poet uses repetition 'the very model of a model of a mother'. The poet uses this technique to accentuate that she was the perfect mother. Within the poem the poet uses colloquial term 'two and two together'. The poet uses this colloquial term to add a sense of realism. ...read more.


Duffy also names the clothes her mother was wearing as 'polka - dot dress'. Duffy names the clothes to show that her mother dressed in fashion. Duff also compares her mum to Marilyn Munroe 'polka - dot dress blows round your legs Marilyn'. Duffy compares her mother to Marilyn Munroe as she was a screen icon who was very glamorous so indirectly she was commenting that her mother was stunning. Duffy starts the second paragraph grammatically incorrect saying 'I'm not here yet'. Duffy says this purposely so the reader can picture it in his head. Duffy says 'ballroom with the thousand eyes, the fizzy movie'. Duffy uses this as it alludes to someone famous. Duffy again thinks highly of her mother saying 'I knew you would dance like that'. Duffy says this to imply that her dance was perfect as if she were a princess. Duffy also becomes rather possessive in poem saying 'Before you were mine' as if her mother was an item. Duff also uses alliteration 'hands in those high heeled'. Duffy uses alliteration as it is easy to remember. Duffy also uses 'high heeled red shoes, relics' to symbolises passion and youth. Duffy also employs onomatopoeia to. Duff also makes use of similes for instance 'clear as a scent'. ?? ?? ?? ?? Yonathan Fecadu 11YA English Essay C/W ...read more.

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