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English Text Analysis. Text C is a interactional conversation that takes place between three siblings

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´╗┐Harry Radecki Text Analysis: Text C Text C is a interactional conversation that takes place between three siblings: Sophie (who is seven years old), Abraham (5 years old) and Katie (3 years old). They are all settling down for a bedtime story. The type of conversation is a spontaneous conversation As they are all very young, apart from J, it affects the conversation. As they are young the language that they use is very simplistic with basic sentence structure and grammar. ...read more.


This is probably due to her age as she may not have learnt to pronounce the ?b? sound properly. Also, what she is saying is very impolite as it is an order without use of manners or hedges. This is another indication of the informality of the conversation as she speaks impolitely yet J doesn?t mind. J is a lot older than the others as she is the mother. This affects her speech as she is more well-spoken and considerate of her children: ?Oh erm are you going to sit on my knee.? This is an order displayed as a question in order to make it appear more polite and less of an order. ...read more.


There are many different utterances used in this conversation as J wishes to appease her children whilst telling them what to do. She uses imperative and interrogative utterances but barely uses exclamatory utterances. This is because she wants to find out what her children want (so she uses interrogative) and she also wants to tell them what to do so she uses imperative. The aim of the conversation is to put her children to bed and therefore she attempts to do this with a bedtime story, the conversation used is used to speed up the reading of the story. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

Quite a brief analysis which does use terminology accurately but quotes need to be used throughout when analysing language. Quite simply written with some repetition of key phrases. Readers are not sure who J is until further into the essay.

2 Stars

Marked by teacher Kate Dixon 23/10/2013

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