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Explain the ways in which "The Forbidden Planet" has been influenced by "the Tempest" - Refer to characters, action, themes and setting, as well as cinematic techniques used in the "Forbidden Planet".

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Explain the ways in which "The Forbidden Planet" has been influenced by "the Tempest. Refer to characters, action, themes and setting, as well as cinematic techniques used in the "Forbidden Planet" The 1956 sci-fi film, "Forbidden planet" was largely influenced by Shakespeare's famous playwright, "The Tempest." Though there are glaringly obvious similarities between the sci-fi smash and Shakespeare's tale of fantasy, it was neve promoted as a Shakespeare based film A one million dollar plus budget was spent by MGM on using many techniques and special effects to create a futuristic image of "The Forbidden Planet". During this essay, I will discuss the cinematic and stage techniques used, as well as the similarities in character and themes between the two stories. Both the play and the film share two main themes which manifest themselves through the characters and plot. The first theme and perhaps the most important is magic/ science and technology. This is present in the story through Caliban and Ariel/ Robby the Robot. ...read more.


At the end of "The Tempest", Prospereo decides to forgive and reconcile rather than inflict revenge "The rarer action is in virtue, than in vengenace". While in the "Forbidden Planet", the main character, Mawbius decides to relinquish all his power and technology for the good of the earth. This act is very similar to the on of Prospero. There are many characters in both stories which corrospond with eachother. The two main characters in the stories are Mawbius and Prospero. These are two very strong and charasmatic characters who have control of two different settings. prospero is in control of an island while Mawbius is in control of a planet. The both reached these setting under different circumstances. Prospero was banished while Mawbius's spaceship got lost. Both characters have an inner darkness. Prospero is mad because he was overthrown by his brother. During "The Tempest", we see evil in the form of the Id monster who attacks the spaceship. ...read more.


As stated before, "The Forbidden Planet uses many exciting special effects to create a futuristic image. The film also uses different camera shots to create it's desired effects. Medium shots are used the majority of the time on the spaceship. This is so that other members can be captured doing things in the background enhancing the impression of a working spaceship. The camera moves slowly from one person to another. This might be an intentional hint of irony. The camera is moving slowly on ship that is travelling faster then the speed of light. Long shots are occasionally used when the robot or an enemy creature is approaching. This creates an effect of a gigantic and momentus moment which is about to occur. There are some slight diversions in plot in "The Forbidden Planet". For instance, there isn't a Caliban figure. Instead, "Forbidden Planet" uses an itelligent alternaive to the bug eyed which dominates the 1950s sci fi film. All in all, Forbidden Planet was greatly influenced by The Tempest but their are a few slight changes to keep with the times. This makes the "forbidden Planet" a highly enjoyable and worthy film. ...read more.

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