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Fear - what is it

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Fear Fear. Some say it's the absence of light. Some say it's the inability to understand and others say that fear is nothing more then not knowing your own future. But I don't think not knowing how we will end up in life, scares us that much. I think that not having control of how we end up is what does. Fear. A four letter word to describe something that only to those who fear makes sense. Where some fear spiders, snakes or bugs, others fear to be in an unknown place, a crowd full of people or on top of the Empire State Building. But when asked what it is that they're afraid of, the most common answer lies closest to ourselves. ...read more.


I don't fear crowds or heights as well. And I don't fear death as well. I don't fear the dark either. Sometimes I'm even thankful for the absence of light. I don't fear the inability to understand either, because I know that there are things that are beyond me, things that I don't understand, things that I don't want to understand. So that either leaves the fear of my unknown future or the loss of a loved one. And yet, I like to believe that I'm not scared of either one. Even though I like to be on schedule and plan the biggest events of my life, it's sometimes liberating to realize that I have no idea where I'm going to end up or where I'm going to be in ten years. ...read more.


I know I do. Whenever the thunder gets louder, I turn on my television, find the loudest music station and turn up the volume until my television is the only thing I hear. Then I close all the curtains and turn on all the lights, just to make sure I don't see the lighting. I know that what I'm doing could be qualified as masking my fear, but I'm not ready yet to face my fears. Not ready yet to spend the night in a dark house, surrounded by the crashing thunder and white blinding lightning. And then it hits me. I'm a little confused realizing that thunder and lightning are the only things I'm afraid of. How naive can I be? And then I wonder. What if the only thing I really fear, is the absence of fear? ...read more.

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