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How do the stylistic conventions of Pleasantville Help to anchor the ideas suggested by the plot and Reinforce the meaning of the text.

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How do the stylistic conventions of Pleasantville Help to anchor the ideas suggested by the plot and Reinforce the meaning of the text Pleasantville is a film that uses stylistic conventions to help anchor the ideas suggested by the plot and reinforce the meaning of the text. There are many ways it does this. The narrative starts of from TV stations giving the idea of sci-fi as the basic genre. Pleasantville is introduced by the clips of the TV marathon; this is an old 50's TV show. There is a boy called David and his twin sister Jennifer. David is seen in the early stages of the narrative lacking confidence, no luck with girls, few friends, loves Pleasantville and is obsessed the perfect lifestyle. Pleasantville is viewed as nice, with no extremes, no changes. The first part of the movie is cutting between the twins to show the difference, this helps us see how they develop throughout the film, as we build to their prospective evenings. With the arrival of the TV repair man the audience get more sense of the genre, he arrives without being called; he has an old fashioned van and speech. ...read more.


Bill paints the diner windows, and Mary Sue starts studying. George has no dinner and is shocked. There is lightning and rain for the first time in Pleasantville and this is a major night of changes coming to a climax. The mayor represents those who fear change and want the status quo to remain. The problems are highlighted to him by George not having dinner, rays shirt being burnt and the rain. He wants to get back to the Pleasantville values. This is an important night where characters realize what they want. The rainbow diner is all in color, but Bud is still grey. There is a town meeting and the mayor said only non-coloured citizens of Pleasantville can go. The next day bud shows emotion and stands up for Betty and he becomes colour. The mob rule tears apart the diner now Pleasantville is no longer pleasant. Then there is book burning and you can see how much Jennifer has changed because she won't allow her book to be burnt. The mayor and other non colours come up with a code of conduct for Pleasantville. This includes of: no music, no colour paints, library closed, lovers lane closed and no history that shows change. ...read more.


Bud and Jennifer changed the whole society of Pleasantville. First it starts off with Jennifer having sex with Skip. This is when the rose appears and Skip tells everyone. As the story unfolds and more people start changing the audience realise that it's about how the characters are feeling and what they want. But when the books once burnt and there is vandalism they realise that there has to be peace between the 2 kinds. I think the sci-fi genre is suspected when the old electrician comes in and gives bud and old remote. But it is, wired how they didn't call him or tell anyone else they had broken the remote. When they get sucked into the TV the audience realise it's a sci-fi film. Their expectations are for bud and Jennifer to escape. But as you go along these expectations change. The stylistic convents help to anchors the ideas, and reinforce the text by using colour. A certain object in the movie changed for a reason and because something happened. This makes the audience think why that certain object and what effect it has on the Pleasantville society. In conclusion colour helps anchors the ideas by making a certain object colour for a particular reason. By Pritesh Sodha ...read more.

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