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How does Shakespeare use love to create drama and interest in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream?'

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How does Shakespeare use love to create drama and interest in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream?' By Mahmoud Elsherif 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' is a very dramatic play because it involves many qualities such as: tension, excitement, suspense, misery, comedy, violence, grief, contrast and conflict. The lovers are: Lysander, Hermia, Helena, Demetrius, Theseus, Hippolyta, Oberon, Titania, Pyramus and Thisbe. Some people are kind-hearted such as Lysander, Hermia, Helena, Hippolyta, Titania, Pyramus and Thisbe because they care about other people's feelings and they keep their promises such as Titania. Other people are heartless such as Demetrius, Theseus and Oberon because they only care about themselves. The different types of love are: idealistic, romantic, magical, physical, sexual and lustful, comic aspects of love and marital love. Love can be a beautiful emotion but can be an ugly one as well and it can also be ironic because it can cause chaos with arguments and sometimes it can prevent or bring order. In my opinion, some men think of romantic love as a pathetic and weak emotion, because they think it has nothing good with it and some of them care more about chaos, horror and violence such as Demetrius. ...read more.


Shakespeare is suggesting that Theseus and Hippolyta show a more mature type of love and that love is fickle. The lovers are the main part of the whole play because they show us, how important love is. Lysander and Hermia show true love to one another. Demetrius shows Helena true hate while Helena shows true love to him. But the love between Lysander and Hermia couldn't last for long because of her father thinking Lysander was using forbidden love potions to make Hermia fall in love with him. Egeus interferes because of that reason and he doesn't want Hermia to have her own free will, there is an age difference and generation gap which shows the difficultly of love. When Theseus told Hermia to obey her father and love Demetrius not Lysander, she then becomes brave and tells him with courage about love '"I know not by power I am made bold,"' Some of the audience will think that Hermia is right to be courageous about love because they may think she has the power to change love at her own will. Now Hermia has three choices they are: Death, nunnery or marrying Demetrius. ...read more.


This shows the worst of qualities of love, contrast and conflict. Near the end of Act 3 scene 2, everything starts going back normal expect the love of Helena from Demetrius and Lysander goes back loving Hermia '"Gentle lover, remedy. When thou wak'st, Thou tak'st True delight In the sight Of thy former lady's eye"' Some of audience will be thinking everything is back to normal and they may think now that Demetrius loves Helena, Hermia won't have to marry him, there would be no consequence and all the audience will be happy because all the lovers are together and the audience will think they shall stay together forever. Shakespeare is suggesting that love has many types of forms, also if there is love, there must be hate, also it can destroy the human heart and create darkness, evil and hate but it can also create light, good and love, love is fickle, the course of true love never ran smoothly, love is precious and can be easily destroyed another one could be love is a very complicated and delicate thing and Shakespeare uses this knowledge to show how dangerous messing with something so fragile can be. ...read more.

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