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I believe that Chris is one of the most important characters in All My Sons.

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Chris Keller? analyses I believe that Chris is one of the most important characters in All My Sons. I would also name him as the hero in this play. Some of the reason that I choose to say that is because he was a soldier who fought in the World War II, also a very good man and devoted son. At the beginning of the play he shows some characteristics that make him very different from his father, Joe. However, throughout the story he develops some changes that modify his personality, making him a character full of contradictions and enigmas. ...read more.


Another characteristic that reflects his personality is the idealistic view of life. He has a feeling of responsibility and also social conscience that nobody in his family has. He expresses to be uncomfortable because of the way he is living and how the consequences of the accident did not affect anybody in his environment. In a conversation that Chris has with Ann he said: ?I felt wrong to be alive, to open the bank book, to drive a new car, to see the new refrigerator. I mean you can take those things out of a war, but when you drive that car you?ve got to know that it came out of the love a man can have for a man, you?ve got to be a little better because of that. ...read more.


Those opinions make us believe that the image that he wants to give is only that, an image and not the real face of how he is. There is another episode in which Chris changes his typical attitude instead of be more similar to his father. He told Ann that nobody of the neighbours talks anymore about the accident despite the fact all of them gossip about that. He acts like a liar, very similar as his father does. As conclusion, we can see different personalities that Chris Keller develops. Some of them make him not the common prototype of hero that we thought. I strongly believed that the principal reason is because Chris has a conflict with his father, he admires but also hated because he knows, always knew, the real truth about the accident and cannot face him. ...read more.

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