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I have scars on my body that will always remind me of a worst experience of my life. That day was November 1st, 1999 and it was the day I was told I have leukemia again.

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Kaeli Thornton Professor Bayer ENGL 1201 DJ 13 September 2011 Narrative Essay I have scars on my body that will always remind me of a worst experience of my life. That day was November 1st, 1999 and it was the day I was told I have leukemia again. I was feeling terrible for a couple of days, and my body hurt to even be touched. I could not keep food or liquid down without throwing up. I remember feeling like I wished I was dead so that the pain would stop, not realizing that the pain was only going to get worse during the next couple of weeks. I was feeling like this when I was four and the first time that the doctors had told me that I officially have cancer. This reminds me of the book I read when I was in tenth grade called, My Sister's Keeper and the one sister, Kate who was diagnosed with cancer when she was two and is going through chemo all her life (Picoult). My mom decided to take me to the doctor after I could not tolerate my body being touched and constantly throwing up. I remember she told me to try not to scare the children in the pediatrician's office when I arrived because I moaned so badly in pain. ...read more.


I ran to my mom's room and woke her up and she started crying and was like, "this is the start of the chemo, you are a strong girl and you are going to get through it. You will get the best wig that they have in all of the stores." My mom and dad never left my side during the next couple of days. I was poked and prodded on every part of my body. My pain was controlled through a morphine pump which allowed me to receive pain medication every twenty minutes. My teachers came to visit me and my friends sent me get well wishes. I cried when I was alone and at times felt I could not fight this battle. When I felt this way, I would visit the babies on the wing that were also diagnosed with cancer. They were so tiny and frail and didn't understand the battle they were fighting. Then, the day came when it got worse. I was scheduled for bone marrow procedure and needed general anesthesia. This was another similarity between Kate and I with the cancer (Picoult). After the procedure, I spent the whole day throwing up in the toilet bowl with my IV pole attached to my arm. I was only allowed to lie on my left side due to the incision. ...read more.


I still needed to stay in the hospital a little bit longer, but I could start planning on returning home. I was not able to attend school for another month or two and I could not be around large crowds of people. My body will never be the same even without the scars but I was very fortunate. My immune system is considered compromised. I have blood tested every two months, and I have had a couple of scares but they turned out to be nothing big. The red and white blood cell counts were off and the doctor repeated the test four days later and the blood work improved. The expression "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" is true. I would not wish the past experience on my worst enemy. I never thought I had the strength to fight as hard as I did. I never want to experience that pain again. I was so scared that I would never see myself graduating from high school with my friends or attend college. I have tried not to take life for granted and enjoy the pleasures that everyday brings. I decided that after this experience, I am attending college to become a nurse or possibly a nurse practitioner and give back to someone in need the same experience and compassion I received from the doctors and nurses who took care of me. Maybe I can make a difference in someone's life too, just like Anna did for her sister. ...read more.

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