English Self-Evaluation Essay. I have argued against my mistakes that have presented themselves with my essay writing, and yet I have no way to guarantee that these arguments will gain me the B- I would hope to achieve. I have experienced a slow death by

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Natalie Kennard

English 1100

Self Evaluation Essay

                 In school, we all know that most students hope and prey that they will receive the highest grades possible, whether or not they be a student that put any effort into doing so. I am no different than anyone else in having a desire such as this. It is one of my longings, and yet I see the truth however, that even though some effort was part of the equation, I may have to settle with a lesser percentage in this particular class. Not every single sentence and punctuation mark was worthy of punishment, but among them there were others who surely should pay for their sins. They simply were not as well written as I would have liked, and did not gain the professors approval either. Because of being slightly different than secondary school, I have not found English 1110 to be all that simple. That and the distractions that the other classes so evilly forced into my brains frontal lobe is what watered my lack of writing skills even more. In secret I wish that I may receive at least a B- and that these reasons could be acceptable enough to be used in my defense. A C+ however, is likely the only grade I will receive, and thus that is the mark I will strive to accomplish through this essay.

          If Hansel and Gretel were to survive through the long perils of secondary school and then enroll in a university such as I did, they would probably experience some major déjà vu. If an individual were to read this Grims Fairy Tale, the bread crumbs could be seen as a symbol that represents the method in which high schools teach. These both are followed to what appears to be something positive, such as a pleasantly edible house or university seemingly representing freedom, only to find that an individual’s worst nightmare lives inside. Hansel and Gretel might think that university is much like high school, but instead they would be faced with having to undergo some unnecessary adjustments. For no logical reason, the effort they once put into achieving acceptable grades in high school would no longer be enough after they have completed such a faze in life. They, like me would have found that the strange path they once travelled, led them to something worse. This something worse is also something which gives and individual the feeling that things are never going to get any better. Every time it is assumed that you are going to achieve a good mark, the opposite occurs. Every time you were appointed the task of writing an essay, the essay just seemed too difficult, and thus you failed to do a good job on it.  Being a failure is apparently part of life, so you could try explaining this to the teacher, but with a high level of doubt that that will do any good.  After all this, the thought then remains that if your never going to be successful again, than why try being successful at all? This feeling of simply no longer knowing how to prepare an essay or other such assignments at a university level is most likely what resulted in my transgressions as a writer in this class.

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             To make matters worse, it can be painfully toilsome to try to actually “enjoy” completing an essay when the weight of all the tasks assigned by other classes are on the verge of breaking an individuals shoulders. An individual often needs to be in a content state of mind when attempting to find the passion needed in order create a work of art. An essay can be seen as such a craft, and is therefore failing to be as beautifully written as it ought to be is the destiny of an individual who is ...

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