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Identity Comparision - My Country (1904) and Australia (1939) by Dorothea Mackellar and A.D Hope. The Ship Song Project (2011) a music video composed by Guy Pearce, shows the beauties of Australia

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How have your texts explored different perceptions of identity? The identity of Australia may be portrayed in countless different aspects as the people and land are classified to be the most unique and unlike any other in the world. 'My Country' (1904) and 'Australia' (1939) by composers Dorothea Mackellar and A.D Hope depict their own subjective view on the evolving and dynamic identity of Australia. The composers reveal the Australian environment as a fixed identity, as well as the passion and hardships the people undergo in their land. 'The Ship Song Project' (2011) a music video composed by Guy Pearce, shows the beauties of Australia and welcomes the audience to take the part in the culture and identity that is passed unseen to the society. The composers convey their view on the diverse perceptions of the Australian identity through techniques such as paradox, juxtaposition and imagery in their texts. The Australian environment is an ingrained aspect of the Australian identity as well as people that have a strong connection with their land. ...read more.


This implies that there isn't much to expect from a country like Australia, portraying that the Australian identity holds no worth. Hope also creates a paradox in the second stanza 'a young country... but they lie'; he believes that Australia is a country that is old. To him it is the "last of lands, the emptiest... a breast Still tender but within the womb is dry." Hope uses the metaphor to convey that Australia may be considered young by the world, however it lacks its own culture. Hope's view on the Australia identity is seen as having only external beauty but no inner one. However Hope complements and acknowledges the Australian people, as they are "survivors" of the harsh environment. "Whose boast is not: 'we live' but 'we survive'", this imagery portrays that Australians are be able to overcome struggles and hardships. Different perceptions of the Australian identity are portrayed in the poem 'Australia'; A.D Hope depicts the colourless environment and openly criticises the nation's lack of its own culture, however he sees a people with extreme resilience that strive daily to survive. ...read more.


This implies the aspect of Australian identity as an integrated community of different people. The Project exemplifies perceptions of the Australian identity as accepting, a country with a unique culture and talents. The identity of Australia can be portrayed in numerous different perceptions, depending on the text. The poem 'My Country' by Dorothea Mackellar depicts the splendid Australian environment as a major aspect of the identity, along with a people that are profoundly in love with their land. However the 'Australia' by A.D Hope reveals a contrasting view of the environment, seen as empty and also the lack of the country's own culture. Yet Hope complements the hardship Australians undergo daily, showing the identity of Australians as a resilient people. 'The Ship Song Project' composed by Guy Pearce represents the inimitable cultures and proposes the society to associate with the unique Australian culture. The composers convey their views through the use of techniques such as effective camera angles; imagery and juxtaposition to evidently show texts explore different perceptions of identity. ?? ?? ?? ?? William Chang William Chang ...read more.

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