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Images of Good and Evil.

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Images of Good and Evil "The media in its various forms provides many images of both good and evil in a variety of ways. These images have the power to persuade us to do good, evil or both." I'm going to discuss the issues of images of good and evil. I agree what the statement has said. I think that the media is always trying to shows us something and try to tell us something. One image can be in evil or good, but you have to look in it in 2 ways. For example, 9.11 images give us mostly a sad image and the people who were responsible were evil people. America's media would persuade that 9.11 was a horrible event, but in the other way, anti-americans would really think 9.11 was a image of good because of world trade would mean money which leads to power and greed. Media is a very powerful source of images; they can tell us any image can be evil or good. But in this essay I will talk about what I think are good and evil and how the media is promoting and reflecting a variety of contrasting images. The first image I founded was in a newspaper in the "Sydney Morning Herald" a picture of people putting on a war head, Sadam for the Mardi gras 2003 parade. ...read more.


It really means that if we had war, we will have lots of dead people on the ground, with the murder not founded. The murder would mostly refer to George W. Bush or Sadam. In this image the murder would directly refer to George W. Bush, because he wants to war with Sadam. I think this image is a good image of what people think of war, although the media doesn't make it like a good image. To tell this world war means pure evil to this world. War only makes us greed; want more than we got death, etc. The media makes the image of the person a bad image. They saying that the people who were protesting were messing around broke in places to protest. But at the end of the report, the media says the protest around the world is a great dramatic event. Overall this 2nd image, I think it's an image of good. The image really shows us how people around the world care about war, and what people think. In my 3rd image, I looked around the internet and saw an image of Hitler. He was the Nazi party leader which ruled Germany till end of World War 2. ...read more.


I think these people were really brave, this really good image for people these days. The 2 images of these sources impacted on me are the photo anti-war protester poses as a dead man with a chalk outline. That image gives me how I should I react with the war, made me think about what war means and leads to. It made me feel sorry the all soldiers who have to go to war. The other images was the image of the Columbia's flight, it really made me feel sad for those brave people who try to fix a satellite for us. It made me think how ever god would let these good people die. At last, I think that the media role is really important. They can tell an image is really evil or good in any way, even thought the image might be the opposite what the media tells you. You have to look things 2 ways, your way and your opposite way of life. Things can be very different if you look the other way of images. Some images the media says like the anti-war poses dead with a white chalk outline is a evil image, but I looked the opposite way of the image, and I think it's a really a good image to people. I think that any image can be images of good and evil in various aspects of life. ...read more.

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