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Imagine that you are a soldier in either World War One or the Crimean War. Write a monologue

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GCSE Monologue Coursework Imagine that you are a soldier in either World War One or the Crimean War. Write a monologue explaining your thoughts and feelings about the war or an experience of war. Once on a dark winter's day, when the yellow fog hung so thick and heavily in the streets of London, lamps were lit and shop windows blazed with gas as they do at night. I was sitting in a cab and driven rather slowly through the big thoroughfares, starring out of the window at the passing people with deep thoughtfulness, dreaming and thinking odd things. I saw five children playing and running about on the street. They were the kind of children who ought to be related to angels. All of them had rosy cheeks and were all so charmingly pretty and sweet that I dare not deny that when I saw their young bodies whiz around like butterflies, and heard their innocent laughter, a big smile appeared on my wrinkly face which made me forget all about the past. Suddenly one of the children fell and scraped his knee. ...read more.


He had left a sick mother and five younger sisters behind in England, so how could I expect him not to be troubled, how could his sick mother and five sisters provide food and medicine for themselves now that the only man of the family had gone, gone forever. Yes, Charlie had gone forever, because he actually died in war. Several powerful guns fired by a tank hit him. He was bleeding. I hurried to help him I felt lonely, my best friend was struggling at the borders of death and I felt as though the crowds of soldiers I hurried past made my loneliness greater. I was running as fast as I could towards Charlie, my hands reaching out for him, but I got knocked down on my way and wounded by flying debris hitting my leg. I forced my way up from the ground; I had to help my friend. Limping like a cripple I managed to get hold of Charlie and get him into the shelter, but Charlie was already dead. I felt a deep wound in my heart; my child's breast could not hold the sudden catastrophe. ...read more.


I've been speaking negatively rather than speaking what Your Word says. Lord, I am sorry and I ask for Your forgiveness. Lord, You said that You would give strength to Your people and would bless them with peace. You also said that they would live in peaceable habitation, in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. That is exactly what I need right now. I need Your peace that passes all understanding. I need Your peace that remains no matter what the circumstances are around me. I need Your peace to rule in my heart. I thank You for Your Son Jesus Christ, Who is the Prince of Peace. I thank You for giving Him to me; the very peace that I need. In Jesus' Name. AMEN! " After the prayer I felt the wound in my heart seal again, the one that had been open at the sight of the child helping his friend. The child who reminded me of myself when I tried to help Charlie. I thanked God many times for his peace, which he made rule my heart and then I went home hoping that it would stay there forever and never let the wound open again, because I have lost enough blood. THE END ...read more.

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