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In the media, images are used very often especially in journalism.

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In the media, images are used very often especially in journalism. These include newspapers, magazines, Internet and sometimes, television. These publications use photography for any reasons. Photographs are use to show what is happening or what has happened. A photo can also have a huge effect on an audience. It can shock, intrude, show a decisive moment, create humour feel bitter or even be outraged. This often happens. An example of a photo used for one of these things is a picture of the twin towers as they explode. Another reason why photos are used are because many publications claim that "the photo never lies" however, nearly all photographs are tell some sort of lie. Photographs can be faked also. The main ways they are faked are by cropping, or digital enhancement. Photographs might be cropped to emphasise a point or to hide something. Digital enhancement is used to alter the appearance of someone ore something. Another important thing that a photograph can do is to sell a product. ...read more.


Digital enhancement can do many other things also. It can take, or put on age to someone, it can make someone look bigger, or smaller then they really are. A strong thing that a photograph can also do is shock people. This is done to show an audience something important, to prove something or to change opinion. To demonstrate this, I have studied a picture of the World Trade Centre attack, just as the second tower explodes. This photograph is from the Daily Mirror newspaper. The reason for the photograph is to show people not only what happened, because words can do that, but to show people the devastation. The publication would be able to shock anyone with this photograph, because it is so devastating, which makes the target audience anyone who sees the photograph. I personally think that this is a good photograph when used to shock people. This is because it shows terror and the horrific results of the terrorist attack. ...read more.


The photograph shows the explosion, as it is happening, so you do not just see what has happened, but people see how it happened. I believe that a good press photo is one that does its intentional job. For example, the photo of the dead soldier I used was very good, because it changed public opinion, which was the affect the publication wanted. This is also the photograph I liked best, because it showed horror and sadness, and also showed people what was going on during the Vietnam War. I also believe that news needs to use imagery to be successful. Words are not always enough to tell an audience about something that is important. Because of this, I believe Newspapers are better with photographs. Modern technology is also using photographs. You can send photographs through emails, digital cameras, where you can see a photograph before it is printed, and photos can now even be sent by using mobile phones. People will use photographs because they can get a point across a lot better then words can. 1 Photojournalism In The Media 1 Matthew Pawlak 10CES ...read more.

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