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In what ways does the English language suggest that women are inferior to men?

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´╗┐In what ways does the English language suggest that women are inferior to men? ? Bethan Gray In my opinion it is obvious that there is an inbuilt gender bias in the English language. Women are not equally treated to men in various different ways. The inbuilt gender bias has evolved from ancient English language from the Shakespeare times to today. I think that as our society today has changed from being male dominating to equality between both sexes then our language should change with it however there still seems to be a strong inbuilt gender bias within our language and I?m about to address the main problems. A prime example of the inbuilt gender bias is the famous lexis that Neil Armstrong said when he landed on the lunar surface in July 1969 which was ?That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.? This clearly shows that women were not given a second thought during the journey to the moon even though there were probably plenty of intelligent women working behind the scenes of the moon landing. ...read more.


Then I asked for some terms in which they would be likely to use if they were to curse at either men or women and they answered with derogatory terms such as slut, slag, wanker, cunt, prick, pussy, bitch, cow and crow. As you can see there are more abusive terms for a woman compared to a man. Why is this? It could be because of the inbuilt gender bias or may be because, in history, it is seen as un-ladylike for women to use foul language as women are meant to act ?appropriately? and behave well for their husband and therefore there are more terms for women as only men cursed and you will find that all derogatory metaphors used for men are modern words which have been created as men and women are starting to become more equal. The fact that there are more derogatory metaphors used for a woman than a man could resemble that English Language does in fact suggest that women are inferior to men. When you look at the lexical asymmetry of pairs of words for males and females you tend to see that the male term is almost certainly going to be in front of the female term. ...read more.


In the book ?Thomas and the Tank Engine? the little boy refers to the carriages of the train as ?Annie? and ?Clarabel? which are two female names given to the train carriages. This proves the fact that women are seen to be inferior to men and have to give themselves to a man. The trains are treated as if they were women and as if they belong to a man. So an inbuilt gender bias of the English language is also present in children?s fiction. Terms in which describe women in the media have undergone pejoration. For example, if a man in everyday English language was said to of had a ?client? in a newspaper than he is simply a businessman and working to support his family however if a women in the press was said to of had a ?client? then instantly the inbuilt gender bias in the English language would force your mind to engage in the fact that she is a whore and that she goes round sleeping with men for money and these men are her ?clients?. You can instantly see how the English language suggests that women are inferior to men as you automatically criticize women instead of men even though there is only a very small minority that are prostitutes. ...read more.

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