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Is your sense of perception or interpretaton of events more likely to mislead you into acquiring true knowledge?

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George Nyarko Grade 11 IS MY SENSE OF PERCEPTION OR MY INTERPRETATION OF EVENTS MORE LIKELY TO MISLEAD ME INTO ACQUIRING TRUE KNOWLEDGE? Humans and other species, make decisions based on their perception. Our judgments momentarily depend on what we perceive at that particular time. Perception deals with the use of our senses to acquire knowledge and this is also termed as Empiricism. To me, in order to acquire knowledge, I have to perceive something and then pass my judgment. But in my quest of finding true knowledge, it might be possible for my sense of perception of interpretation of events more likely to mislead me. This essay therefore is about how my sense of perception or interpretation of events more likely to mislead me into acquiring true knowledge. Firstly, I believe perception and interpretation move together as a single unit and one can't work without the other, since you can't interpret something when you don't have anything to interpret or perceive something without interpreting it your way. ...read more.


my interpretation of the event was wrong, and this made me panic therefore true knowledge was not achieved at that point until I switched on the light. "Na�ve realism is a common sense theory of perception"1.Until people start reflecting philosopihcally they are termed as na�ve realist.This theory is also known as "direct realism or common sense reaslism"2 .A na�ve reaslist, sees the world as it is to be; objects have mass and occupy space etc. Therefore to me, when I wear a blue shirt, I perceive I'm wearing a blue shirt and know I'm wearing a blue shirt. But this is different when I get into the dark, because then I loose my sight of color and then what looked blue in the light now looks kind off black. This shows sight which is part of perception, is often influenced by light. So although without light I perceived the color of my shirt to be black, that did not mean that my shirt was actually black. ...read more.


Philosophers like A.J Ayer believed a proposition was true only if it could be verified. By this, Phenomenalism expresses the fact that for one to perceive something, there has to be experience. For example, if I make a statement that there's a football match being played in my living room whilst I'm in my bedroom, then there's a high possibility I might be wrong because although I hear sounds that occur in a football match, this does not mean there's a football match being held in my living room. I can not fully justify it until I go to the sitting room only to realize it rather a broadcast from the television. Phenomenalism therefore deduces the fact that for me to fully acquire knowledge about something, I have to experience or verify it. With the above stated examples, I would like to conclude that I agree my sense of perception or interpretation of events more likely to mislead me into acquiring true knowledge simply because what I perceive might be right, but my interpretation would likely be wrong. ...read more.

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