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Jan Palach by Jane Mapstone and The drum by John Scott

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School number- 71817 Candidate number- 8152 Candidate name- Mark Chestnutt My opinion of war has changed significantly throughout the term from the impact on the poems my peers and I have read as a part of our G.C.S.E course. I never really understood or really even contemplated on the true horrific facts of war. Now after reading the selection of poetry I can begin to understand that war is destructive and horrific but is inevitable. In today's society of equality and respect for peoples upbringing, religious believes and status in society it may be perceived that war never happens and we all hide from the fact that people in other country and our own are being torn and ripped apart by this. War has been a universal topic throughout the history of poetry, which deals with concern for lives families and their countries. My poems for analysis are: Jan Palach by Jane Mapstone The drum by John Scott The reason I choose these to poems is of the fact that they share the same views and believes of war as myself and that is anti-war. The other reason is that they are wrote in an easy format so I may pick out the most important details easily and then take a more in depth approach to the poem "Jan" Palach a modern 20th century poem was written by an inspiration and talent poet of the age 15, Jane Mapstone. ...read more.


his doubt, personification is used "laughing smoke and whirling pain" is very disturbing as he was saying maybe the smoke were evil. It is very clever and affective. The media are mention again only this time as the form of a film as he was watching his death objectively. The final stanza of this poem is about justification, bringing back yet again the subject of the media and how "Jan Palach" feels that he "A line in the some volume of your memory. The reader is led to believe that Jan Palach indeed did the right thing as he could he could have made a public nuisance and vandalised and destroyed. But I believe Jan could have made a life for himself perhaps a family and a good job as he was at university and was obviously been able to afford and was worthy of his education. But instead he took his own life for his country Jan made the sacrifice in the aim of hope for the children of Prague and their future. The other poem the "The Drum by John Scott" is another poem which shares my anti-war view and that is why I have chosen this for analysis. The drum was written by Scott in 1792 this makes this it is a Pre 20th century poem. The drum was used to entice young men and boys to fight for their country in. John Scott was a pacifist this means he against all violence and murder. ...read more.


The reader is able to visualise the towns and villages, which are now "ravaged plains and burning towns" war is about the suffering of the innocent as well as the soldiers then referred as "ruined swains" .the soldiers are described as mortally wounded with "mangled limbs" uttering "dying groans" leading to "widows tears and orphans" John Scott has written this poem very graphical as the subject of war is hard to write about and explain. He has tried to make it sound as realistic as possible. It is very resonant with the cries and anguish of death In the in the second stanza there is also us e of personification, yet again we are able to visualise the advice given, this time by misery's hand. Misery's hand seems to be a frail old woman who has saw the true nature of every war. He has written this poem in two contrasting stanzas, the first stanza suggests that the men joining up are doing it for freedom but in the second stanza it is revealed that they didn't at all join for this reason. I thought this poem was really good for the reason that it shows two different contrasts of war. The poem is very concise and taut. It is quite short but gives a lot of impact on the reader. I have enjoyed both poems that I analysed they deliver the true message of war and have made a great impact on my knowledge of what war is really and truly like for the soldiers their families and countries. Mark Chestnutt 11a6 ...read more.

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