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Language and Knowledge

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Filbert Nguyen September 23, 2001 Dr. Warner A3 Language and Knowledge Language is the instrument that allows mankind to convey, and share information, feelings, and thoughts. Without language, there would be no method, in which humans could express abstract thoughts, or any thoughts, which did not occur instantaneously. Only the most rudimentary thoughts could be expressed through such simplistic forms of symbolic language, where a word would stand for a concrete object. However, human knowledge is comprised of much more than such basic thoughts, and concrete details, it is more than a collection of data; it is a continuing process of thought, ideas, and everything, which can be expressed by language. In this perception of what knowledge is, it is at least plausible to conclude that the intertwining of knowledge and language is so closely knit that it is impossible to separate the two. ...read more.


This deletion was accomplished by the "Big Brother" authorities by external systematic destruction of words, in the creation of the Newspeak dictionary, which lacked those non-existing words. In doing so, the people went about their lives never pondering of rebellion against the totalitarian state, because in their reality, they lived in neither a state of "freedom" or "slavery" because there existed no such word to convey that thought. Therefore, this example portrays how language affects knowledge. An example of how knowledge affects language can be found in a more specific aspect of knowledge, which are values of a particular culture. Through the years, American culture has changed and adapted to fit the modern times of the day, and entailing these modifications of American culture were its many important, although subtle cultural values. ...read more.


Thus, the perception of the American public of the word "terrorism" is felt to be closer to "home." This change in perception clearly shows how the language has been affected by the cultural values of the American society, which is in essence, knowledge. In these two examples, two types of bonds between language and knowledge have been given- the relation of how language is affected by knowledge and the inverse relation of how knowledge is affected by language. A valid conclusion can be made that the two types of bonds stated are vastly different in nature, and cannot be switched for the other as the same. However, one general perception can be made when the two examples are viewed as a whole, which is the impossibility of the existence of either knowledge or language void of the other and the invincibility of this bond. ...read more.

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