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Macbeth The main part of the play involves 3 witches, who are important as they deliver dramatic, significance to the play which creates the atmosphere, which Shakespeare wanted, for the public. The witches have this dramatic part in the play because during Elizabethan times people believed in witches. They were part of life: people were scared of them because they believed that witches could communicate with the dead. They even believed some witches could see into the future. So to see a play about witches would be alarming. People were frightened but it would still attract people to come and see it. It would be a once in a life time opportunity, to catch sight of a play about witches. During the play Macbeth comes across the three witches. They predict that certain thing will happen to Macbeth. The witches take control of Macbeth and bring the evil in Macbeth out of him. ...read more.


The some people say that they are changing god's natural order. Act1 scene 3 opens very dramatically when the three witches are talking about what they have been doing. One of the witches says how she saw a sailor's wife with chestnuts in her lap and she was munching away at them. So the witch asked if she could have some but the sailor's wife say's "Arioint three". So the witch casts a spell on the woman's husband. As he is a sailor she makes him sail into a storm for 81 weeks and he can't leave and where ever he goes the storm will go to. In Act 1 scene 3 the witches meet Macbeth for the first time with Banquo. The storm arrives just like the witches predicted, they gather to boast about their plans. Before they actually meet Macbeth they cast a spell. When Macbeth and Banquo come across the witches they seem very shocked about their appearance. ...read more.


During the production clothing was significant because clothing is a powerful image like disguise. Macbeth hides behind his clothes of kingship. During Act1 scene 3 the actors would have used trap doors for the witches to appear and disappear. They would probably position themselves so that they would impress the audience with their disappearing act. In Act 3 scenes 5. The three witches and their leader Hecate are preparing a strong spell for deluding Macbeth "wayward" suggests that Macbeth is no longer a victim of the witch's evil but more a partner on of them in their world. By the end of the play Macbeth has become full of evil and he has destroyed him self. Macbeth wants to show his strength and the witches let him by offering to let Macbeth see their Master. Many people believe that Macbeth didn't write this scene. The speakers don't speak like they do in the other scene and the witches don't speak in a four beat rhythm. Rebecca Taylor 11.5 Gcse English/ coursework ...read more.

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