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Mr and Mrs Branning?!?

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he day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived: after weeks of planning, Stacey and Bradley's big day is the talk of the whole square. But the supposed, happiest day of Stacey's life comes under major threat when Sean (insert)reveals he knows all about her affair with Max. While Stacey is full of doubts, Bradley is next door, sick with nerves. After a helping hand from his best man, who just happens to be his dad, Bradley is ready to be wed. But is Stacey ready to marry Bradley? The big day is in full flow and, infuriated by all the fuss around him, Sean heads to the Vic to get away from it all; he helps himself to a bottle of the wedding champagne. While Sean's in a huff, the Brannings' are all lending a hand. Lauren starts filming the wedding video but she gets in everyone's way, Max and Tanya complain, so Lauren sets up the camera in their bedroom. Sean's outside drinking. He can no longer contain his fury at the thought of Max and his younger sister together, so he hisses to Max that he knows about the affair. ...read more.


She doubts it and tells him to get over himself and to support Stacey and to let her be happy. Stacey then enters the church with Sean close behind. He reluctantly takes a seat as the wedding starts... Stacey looks horrified when the vicar asks if anyone knows a reason why the couple should not be married. All eyes turn to Sean, as he stands up and clears his throat loudly... Is this it for Stacey and Bradley? With all the tension building, Sean storms out, leaving Stacey too distraught to continue. She then runs out of the vestry leaving poor Bradley shocked and confused... So will Stacey tell Bradley about her affair with max? Will there be a new Mr and Mrs. Branning in the Square? One thing is for sure: whatever happens, the problems for Stacey are just beginning!?! Max tries it on with Stacey...AGAIN!!! But this time Sean finds out... Sean learns the truth about Max and Stacey's relationship! tacey's affair with Max was a ticking time bomb from the beginning. But the next fortnight will be something Stacey will remember forever. ...read more.


Stacey leaves the pub for some fresh air; Max follows her into the Square and pleads with her to resume their fling! Stacey is outraged and reminds him that she marrying his son in a few days. She makes it very clear that it's over. What neither of them realise is that Sean has overheard their conversation! In spite of Stacey and Bradley, it seems all is not doom and gloom in Albert Square. The new arrival Jack, Max's younger brother, who is, it seems, everything Max is not, has a new admirer. He has caught the eye of a tall attractive blond: Ronnie. Ronnie and Jack, it seems, have an instant chemistry, so when Jack turns up for Bradley's stag do, it seems the flirting has officially begun. Ronnie advises Gary to play poker, quite sure that he will win. However Jack wins. And Ronnie agrees to a re-match this time, on a personal level, between her and Jack. Is this the beginning of something special? Just as there seems to be a guy for Ronnie, just about everyone starts to warn her off him! Is there more to Jack then meets the eye? Well only time will tell! ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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