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Romeo and juliet

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Romeo and Juliet- Parent Figures There are many parent figures in the breathtaking love story, Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare- parent figures meaning not only parents but one who acts as a parent, so someone who you look up to, someone whom is you role model and etc. In Romeo and Juliet the parent figures are Lord and Lady Capulet, the Nurse, Friar Lawrence and Lord and Lady Montague. Firstly, one of Juliet's parent figure, the Nurse. The Nurse is the person who brings up Juliet and cares for her since her birth. The Nurse is more like a friend than a parent figure. A clear example of this is Act two Scene five where Juliet is waiting very impatiently for the Nurse to return with the arrangements of Romeo and Juliet's illegal wedding. The Nurse has many delaying tactics and her plan of teasing Juliet is definitely working. "Jesu, what hast!can you not stay a while? Do you see that I am out of breath?" The curiosity in Juliet is too much to handle but the Nurse carries on teasing her. Juliet tries to compliment the Nurse but her plan fails. ...read more.


After all her father just called her a whore! "Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither, out, you green sickness carrion, out you baggage, you tallow face!" This clearly shows self-centredness and that he doesn't love and care for Juliet. He also threatens Juliet with disowning her. He can't bear to look at her. He does this so the Juliet's guilt would make her accept. "or never look me in the face, speak not, reply not, do not answer me!" If Lord Capulet disowns her he thinks Juliet will have no one to fall back on and uses manipulation and black mail so she shall have to accept but we all know that Juliet would never agree as she could never demolish the love between her and Romeo. But at the end of the play where we find Romeo and Juliet dead on the bed of the Church Lord Capulet changes his point of view to Paris and the proposal and wishes he had never manipulated Juliet and because of this he feels he was responsible for her death as he put strain and pressure on her. He then also found out by Friar Lawrence that Romeo and Juliet were together and so he decided to end the huge feud with the Montagues. ...read more.


He also, stupidly made the potion which he thought would certainly work but the ridiculous part was that he didn't concern Romeo before he went along with the plan. Lord Capulet is a large part of the deaths as he put deep strain and stress on Juliet to marry Paris and if he didn't do that Juliet wouldn't have ran to Friar Lawrence to make that potion. Lord Capulet also didn't know her as a person and wasn't listening to what Juliet had to say and mainly he betrayed himself when he said I will only let Juliet marry if she is happy to. Lady Capulet also didn't know Juliet as a person and they both had a very distant relationship so Juliet wasn't able to talk to her about her personal and very crucial problems. Lord and Lady Montague didn't have so much to do with the deaths but as the others may have stopped it. However if the feud betweens the Montagues and Capulets wasn't going on they could have told their parents about each other and the marriage could have gone through happily. Overall all the parent figures did have a part of the deaths and if they hadn't caused their actions as individuals Romeo and Juliet wouldn't have commit to suicide. Ahmed Khankhara 10I Romeo and Juliet ...read more.

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