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Romeo and Juliet - In this essay I am going to describe how I want characters to dress and act in Act 2 Scene 5, I will also describe the setting e.g. lighting, stage, objects, etc.

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Romeo and Juliet essay In this essay I am going to describe how I want characters to dress and act in Act 2 Scene 5, I will also describe the setting e.g. lighting, stage, objects, etc. I will also briefly go over the story up to Act 2 Scene 5 then I will explain how I want Act 2 Scene 5 to be acted out and what I want the actors to wear. The origin of the feud is not made clear but has no relevance to the events in the play Romeo and Juliet are a pair of star crossed lovers, they are victims of circumstances effected by things beyond their control. ...read more.


"The shady curtains from Aurora's bed, locks fair daylight out, and makes himself an artificial night". Real love "locks daylight out" represents the eternal darkness of the tomb. Montague's speech serves to set their love story against the backdrop of superstition, great legends and irresistible power of fate. Romeo's speeches mix love with hate, it is confused speeches showing images of chaos, where life is seen as death and death is seen as light. "O brawling love, O brawling hate". Mercutio's long speech about dreams in Act one Scene four eases the tension before Romeo and Juliet meet. In Act one scene five Romeo and Juliet meet and kiss, Juliet not knowing he was a Montague, and when the nurse reveals his name Juliet says "My only love spring from my only hate". ...read more.


In the Capulets' garden I will have Juliet pacing up and down the garden wearing an expensive white gown on then sitting down to try and wait but she can't and jumps up and keeps walking up and down the garden anxiously awaiting the return of the nurse. Next I will have the nurse return with a bluish dress and a white hat and tease Juliet with the message to show that the nurse enjoys the power of the news she is carrying. Eventually, to Juliet's obvious relief, the nurse reveals what Romeo has said with a smile on her face she tells Juliet the good news then Juliet jumps with joy as the nurse says about the proposal from Romeo to Juliet. Antonio Carchedi 10 Sherwin Miss palmer English ...read more.

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