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Roneo & juliet character analysis.

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Roneo & juliet character analysis: Romeo and Juliet: Romeo and Juliet are distinct characters. Romeo is older than Juliet, and far more experienced in romantic affairs, as witnessed by his pre-existing infatuation with Rosaline. Because he is older and a male, Romeo does not suffer from the same parental oversight as Juliet: we see his parents only briefly when his mother frets about his distracted behavior and accepts the aid of his friend Benvolio. By contrast, we see a great deal of Old Capulet and his lady, and we note that Juliet has no friends and is under the authoritative eye of her parents (and her Nurse). Perhaps most importantly, at the start of Act II, Mercutio looks for Romeo and calls out: "Romeo! ...read more.


The Prince commands these rebellious subjects to stop breaking the civil peace, complaining that these street battles have erupted on several occasions, and threatening lives of the combatants. Old Montague asks Benvolio about the cause of the argument at hand, but Lady Montague's concern is with their son, Romeo. She is glad that Romeo was not involved in the fight, but she then says that her son has been in a melancholy and depressed state of mind. Romeo enters, appearing down-cast and distracted, but he nevertheless speaks in highly affected, figurative language about the brawl, using oxymorons like "loving hate," "heavy lightness," and "serious vanity." Romeo explains to Benvolio that he is madly in love with a woman named Rosaline (who never appears as a character in the play) ...read more.


Just then, Romeo and Benvolio pass by, and Romeo agrees to read the list. After he finds the name of Rosaline among the invited guests. Romeo plans to attend the banquet and Benvolio says that he will show Romeo some other maid at the feast. Scene iii: At the house of the Capulets, Juliet's garrulous Nurse fondly recalls her mistress's childhood to Juliet's mother, Lady Capulet. When Juliet arrives, Lady Capulet sounds her daughter out about her willingness to marry, and Juliet says that she has not considered it. Her mother says "Well, think of marriage now," noting that many Veronese girls who are younger than Juliet are already wives. Lady Capulet tells her daughter that Paris will be at the banquet that night and directs her to "Read o'er the volume of young Paris' face." ...read more.

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