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Rossetti's poetry has been described as

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Rossetti's poetry has been described as "both controlled and passionate". Making clear what you understand by the terms discuss which of these two views you have more sympathy with and why. Refer closely to atleast three of the set poems. Christina Rossetti poetry uses concise structures but through these she expresses immense emotion; in this respect her poetry can accurately described as "both controlled and passionate" yet the two words are almost a paradox as passion is frequently seen to be at odds with controlled tight structures. Other poets have also followed in Rossetti's footsteps by combining tight structured poetic forms with emotion e.g. Dylan Thomas. L.E.L is a prime example of Rossetti's technique; it combines a complex structure with a very emotive outcry. The structure is very precise with each verse not only rhyming within itself, in an A, B, A, B, C, C, C pattern, but also within pairs of stanzas containing a pattern between them on the 5th to 8th lines. ...read more.


Although the structure of the poem contributes to its emotiveness the language is also essential to exhibit Rossetti's "passion". The natural imagery in the last three lines of each stanza contrast Rossetti to the natural world, they demonstrate how she feels left out of natural cycles by having no mate. There appears to be a longing to bear children in the last stanza, possibly Rossetti wishes not for the love of a partner but for the love of a child. Nature is usually associated with the idea of mating for reproduction rather than for love, and it could be argued that Rossetti associates herself with nature for this very reason. The idea of taking "patience for thy scythe" is ominous and has undertones of death, reinforced by the words death and "dearth" which sound very similar. Here, Rossetti demonstrates her passion, but it can be seen to appear within structures yet again, the structures of nature, structures of love, natural cycles etc. ...read more.


The structures appear controlled but possibly the passion is not so controlled. Unlike many female writers of the period Rossetti was willing to express herself and frequently did so. The imagery of "sit and howl in dust" creates a harsh, sub-human picture distinctly at odds with what was expected of woman writers. The "shameless shameful life" described is a life that is "shameless" to the cottage maiden but "shameful" to society, possibly the line is allegorical of Rossetti's early poetry: in her youth she was not ashamed to express controversial views that were "shameful" to society. However, as she grew older, Rossetti's passion became more controlled and the majority of her later works are of a calmer, un-controversial nature. Whether they are less passionate is a different matter though, but the passion is certainly of a different, more religious, more reflective nature than in her early writing. 'Today for Me' was written describing France in the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian war. It is a poem which although highly structured lacks the passion of some of Rossetti's work. Unlike in L.E.L where the repetitions of her "heart... ...read more.

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