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Scottish Independence-Discursive Essay

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Scottish Independence - Good or Bad Scotland is at a turning point. The 300-year old Union is some say no longer fit for purpose. Some say it was never designed for the 21st century world and it is well past it's sell by date and is holding Scotland back. The Scottish people voted to move forward, with a new, more Scottish approach from an SNP government. But many oppose these views saying that Scotland needs the rest of the UK and that the economic and social problems caused by independence would be catastrophic to the relationships between Scotland and the rest of the UK. In any case the government has published a white paper setting out a vision of independence and responsibility in the modern world. But is this idea beneficial to our country? Is Scotland ready to go it alone? Is Scotland ready to break free from the shackles of the UK? Are the Scottish people ready for independence? In this essay I will explore our options and inevitably present the information needed to make your own conclusion on Scottish independence. There are strong arguments both for and against independence. The arguments for Scottish independence are described in the next few paragraphs. ...read more.


With independence, Scotland could join this arc of prosperity. Scotland could pursue economic policies designed specifically for our circumstances, to give us a stronger economy, better public services and a fairer society. Furthermore and probably the SNP's biggest drive for independence is through their old motto "It's Scotland Oil". This motto refers to the oil in the North Sea and it is said that although 90% of the North Sea Oil comes from the Scottish Sector of the continental shelf the revenue created by the selling of this oil would not benefit Scotland while it remained as part of the United Kingdom. The Continental Shelf Act 1964 and the Continental Shelf (Jurisdiction) Order 1968 defines the UK North Sea maritime area to the north of latitude 55 degrees north as being under the jurisdiction of Scots Law meaning that 90% of the UK's oil resources were under Scottish jurisdiction,therefore proving the SNP are correct in the claim that the North Sea Oil is in fact Scotland's Oil. On the other hand there is a substantial amount of claims and information produced by the Labour Party that clearly shows Scotland would not be able to go it alone. Labour firstly argues that the division of the UK would lead to colossal problems. ...read more.


Fourthly and finally for the against independence argument is that if Scotland was to gain independence form the UK, Northern Ireland and Wales may follow suit to gain the benefits that Scotland would becoming independent. This would lead the UK to become four divided nations with different Passports, possibly currency, rules, legislation and most importantly armies. The division of the UK would also take the power and prestige of the Queen's position and discard it, as there would have to be different rulers for each country; this is hardly going to be accepted by the Monarchy supporters. In conclusion, there are strong cases both for and against Scotland gaining it's independence from the rest of the United Kingdom, both sides have pros and cons but most importantly both sides of the argument have their supporters and at the end of the day that is what it will all come down to when a referendum inevitably is brought up. Scotland has its own parliament so why can't they have full separation. The north seas oil in terms of longitude and latitude belongs to Scotland so it really needs independence to reap the benefits of the sought after fossil fuel. So with this information I have divulged to you make your own decision. Scottish independence. Yes Or No? Sources http://www.snp.org/independence http://www.scottishlabour.org.uk/home http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/actionnetwork/A17359158 http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/business/index.htm TV Program Holyrood Live Kieran Tennant Higher Essay ...read more.

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