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Speech on the topic of Laughter.

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen? or afternoon or evening depending on what time of day it is in that little world you drifted off into as I started this speech. Yes that?s right, I know you?re doing it; we all do it at some point or other. The truth is that most of you aren?t even paying attention. Anyway, it?s time to start my speech. Have I made you laugh yet ladies and gentlemen? Smile? Made you forget about the dread of up and coming assignments or exams? Because that?s what I?m trying to do. The whole point of this speech is to inform you that we all need laughter in our lives. Even as far back as Aristotle, who described laughter as a bodily exercise precious to health, organisations have viewed laughter as a commodity that can help us stay fit and healthy as well as provide numerous benefits in other fields. Let me tell you a story. A 13 year old boy is laying in his hospital bed after a minor operation, aching in places he doesn?t want to ...read more.


As well as operating in hospitals around Australia, the Clown Doctors have also made trips to Afghanistan and East Timor, donating medical equipment and basic necessities as well as helping the people find their smiles again. In 2004, The Humour Foundation of Ireland was established and as early as 2005 were bringing smiles to children and adults across Ireland. And while the foundation is run and funded separately to the one in Australia, it has developed with the help of the founders of the Australian organisation, Jean-Paul Bell and Peter Spitzer. We have all heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine. While this may not be technically true, research conducted by The Humour Foundation as well as independent resources have confirmed that laughter has numerical health benefits as well as being a great stress reducer. Did you know that one minute of laughter is the equivalent to ten minutes on a rowing machine? Did you know that if you laugh for just fifteen minutes a day you can lower the risk of getting heart disease by 10%? ...read more.


Other benefits also included improved sleep, the reduction of pain and greatly increased morale for both patients and staff. These benefits can be easily integrated into the healthcare system as a substitute for those who do not have access to psychotherapeutic care. In conclusion, it is imperative that we include more laughter in our lives. The research findings from what I have shown you alone have staggering benefits for people in not just the medical profession, but in the sporting arenas as well as in everyday life. So go out there today, tomorrow, next week, and make somebody laugh. Have a good time in life and remember The Humour Foundation?s motto: Smile often Laugh everyday Lighten up ? be playful and fun Tickle your funny bone and seek out opportunities to laugh You don?t have to be funny, just have fun Develop a humorous perspective and look to the funny side of life And use humour as a tool, not a weapon. And always remember this, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you may do; you will never be able to lick your elbow. ...read more.

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