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the conegatherers ( note form )

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"The cone-gatherers" by Robin Jenkins I am going to show the development of Neil throughout the novel by showing how and why he changes. "The cone-gatherers" by Robin Jenkins is a novel set on a large Scottish estate during the Second World War. The two cone-gatherers are brothers who live and work on the estate. Neil, the elder brother, has to care for Calum because he is deformed and has an immature, child like, mind, even though they are both adults. The two brothers are looked down upon by their superiors and are treated like animals, and this contributes to his development in the novel. Jenkins shows us how the treatment of a person can severely change their attitude and this is shown in Neil. 1. Neil observes mansion, 1/2 empty, many rooms, unused + summer house unused, about to be destroyed Jenkins shows us how selfish the landowners are. They have to live in hut, fit for animals, Neil wonders why, passionate about not getting it - They are treated poorly -Neil wants to go home to Ardmour because he prefers it, willing to stay for Calum. He starts by treating Calum like a child, in order to try and make him more mature "are you a monkey to want to spend all your life in a tree" from here we see Neil's attitude towards Calum; he understands that Calum is a good person - towards L.r.c. ...read more.


During the hunt a deer is shot, Calum tries to protect it, killed by duror. Calum distraught. Duror almost succeeds in getting them thrown out - they ruined the hunt. They are saved by mr.tulloch, the man they work for, he convinced r.c To let them stay. Doesn't want 2 stay anymore, only there for Calum. P73/4 Neil has to admit to Tulloch what happened that made Duror hate them, Tulloch says he will stand up for them, Neil says he doesn't have to, because he could get fired and he has a family "there are men above you, Mr. Tulloch. She might appeal to them. She might get you into trouble if you cross her. We wouldn't want that. You've been good to us, and forby you've got a wife and children to think of" this shows that Neil respects Mr. Tulloch and has concerns that their actions may impact on his own job. Dispirited after the deer hunt "the darkness amidst its ever green branches suited his mood" he knew the deer hunt would fail, not in a bitter mood. Neil is in a bad mood because Calum didn't do as he told him to just fall to the ground, first time Neil is shown to get angry at Calum, normally a very caring brother. The anger because of the other people he wants 2 get drunk, wants to rebel a bit, wants to prove he is a man, lack of decorum, another change in attitude. ...read more.


Doesn't care anymore, he now wants to go home, rther than stay and work, changed from wanting to work, to wanting to leave. 6. r.c 's son gets stuck in a tree- r'c sends a servant to get brothers to help , Neil refuses to help the young boy "I expect nothing of her. Let her expect nothing of us". Change in attitude. Kind/helpful --> spiteful, reluctant. Said he would do it if r.c asked herself, shows that he has taken advantage of his position of power against r.c because she can't do anything and it shows that he wants to be treated as an equal, a little bit selfish, first time we see this in him, he believes that if she asks him then he will have won, thinks this makes him her equal, it was always clear that Neil wanted to be= with r.c , now going to extreme lengths 2 get what he considers to be = with them. Mr.tulloch is sent to get them, he still says no, even though Tulloch could get fired, no longer cares for him, only aobut himself since he know's he is going to get fired anyway Calum shot, Neil "with moans and yelps of lamentation like an animal his brother was struggling along that branch to try and reach him" acting like an animal, distraught, show how much he cares, devastated, had always acted with decorum, doesn't care. ...read more.

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