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The English abroad:How the English find ways to adapt to foreign customs and cultures.

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The English abroad: How the English find ways to adapt to foreign customs and cultures: Over the years the British and most especially the English, have found many different ways to fit into different cultures. In France us English have realised that if you shout loud enough at any person serving alcoholic drinks, or food, they will understand you and comply with your wishes. To blend in with people of different nationalities, we have found devious and effective ways to combat our pale skins in such warm climes as Greece and Spain. The method is as follows- on the first day of any holiday anywhere, one must decline to use suntan cream and one must also sleep in the sun for at least four hours. ...read more.


Though perhaps many people have tried burning themselves to put off the scent and so to be less attractive, also for mosquitoes. Others have tried nets, repellent, and swatting before sealing themselves in for the night and attempting sleep, before inevitably being eaten alive and waking to seas of dark red spots on the already pink skin. Something which both amazes me and others is the fact that foreigners don't seem to be able to handle quilts/ duvets. For some reason, they either make them too thin, making us uncomfortable (as we usually need a thick quilt and lots of central heating to get us through some of our warmer nights), or on the other hand too thick and lumpy making us hot and uncomfortable- inevitably a confrontation with the hotel manager is required. ...read more.


That the country last updated its systems (such as sewers) in the Roman era, and haven't yet designed any as good yet. There are many such problems including the French actually eating frogs, the Greek not being able to use their toilets, and the Americans claiming that they won the war and re-inforcing the statement with the fact that they came in at the start of the war and secondly that the broke the German's enigma code. They then make films to show their triumph. At which point the English find a sock full of money under their mattresses, all go to the USA and to their historical museums to make sarcastic comments and ruin the displays. Thus the British travel, and adjust not only themselves, but the country in which they are in, in order to make the place more inhabitable for themselves. ...read more.

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