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The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald is a portrayal of life in the 1920s. Fitzgerald told the story in first person, which help give the story a realistic account of the characters. The use of first person made the story easier to follow and helped str

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Fitzgerald used new modern trends in literature with radical, innovative techniques to create a portrait of the decade. The Great Gatsby was a breakthrough in modernist writing because it was modern day at a time of prohibition and when trends were sweeping the nation. Modernism evolved from a series of movements involving composers, artists, writers and was marked by a rejection of the conventions of the 19th century with an urge to experiment with new forms. Gatsby describes East Egg in his memory. The overall effect is modernism that deals with mans brutality, this can be seen when Daisy hits Myrtle but doesn't stop the car, George shoots Gatsby and when Jordan doesn't care about what is happening around her throughout the story. Insignificance of man is shown through wealth and how one person could have all the money in the world but still not be happy. Gatsby had new money and was ready to impress Daisy with it and win her back, but money was not needed. ...read more.


The green light stands for all of Gatsby's longings and wants money, success, acceptance and Daisy. Nick talks about the green light at the end of the novel and says, "it eluded us then, but that's no matter - tomorrow we will run faster, stretch our arms our farther..." (p172). He connects the green light to all people because everyone has something they long and hope for. The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald is a portrayal of life in the 1920's. Fitzgerald told the story in first person, which help give the story a realistic account of the characters. The use of first person made the story easier to follow and helped structure the plot. "The Great Gatsby" is an interesting novel because the story line is good, the characters are likeable people, and it gives an overview of a different generation. One of the most important parts of the story is that they lived life in there own style and did things like they wanted to. ...read more.


Fitzgerald used imagery such as "white... dresses rippling and fluttering" and "french windows, glowing and reflected gold". The novel itself is centered on his life while entwined with a love story. Jay Gatsby is a true American hero. He sticks to nearly all of the qualities of anyone's idea of a hero. Jay Gatsby along with strength, intelligence, and power, he achieved the American dream. Throughout the trials of his admirable life, he achieves what would seem to be the impossible. In conclusion modernism can be noted throughout the novel especially through Nicks modernist sensibility and the way he reflects on his experiences. It breaks away from what most previous novels had been about. Fitzgerald achieves this by dealing with pessimism and brutality but with the gaiety of the time to make what would seem very negative into a non-depressing novel. Also, the characters all rebel against society with Gatsby leading a secluded life and people who were married acting as though they weren't. Furthermore nobody seemed to work and if they did so it wasn't very important since it was rarely mentioned. This could be because modernism includes a reluctance to rely on society because of its failures. ...read more.

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