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The New Technology of War

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The New Technology of War Tanks: Tanks were massive killing machines, which could hold many goods and many men. This was an advantage because before tanks were invented, the soldiers had to walk to and from different battlefields under the risk of shellfire. The tanks were obviously bullet proof and protective and could move through the battlefield. They could go through wire entanglements and cross enemy trenches. This was useful to make a space for friendly soldiers to attack and could push back the enemy frontline a few miles. The tanks were strong enough to carry massive guns capable of blowing down enemy trench walls from a 100 metres away. Ties meant that the enemy would be open so the friendly soldiers could shoot in. Because the tanks were so massive, they tear up mud by their caterpillar tracks, which make it a disadvantage for friendly troops to run and walk over. Many of the German trenches were too wide so the tank's front fell into the trenches instead of going over. Consequently if the machine gunners were close to the tank, they could put sticky bombs on the side of it. ...read more.


Planes were lightweight because they could not fly if they weren't so this meant they had no armour so were unreliable. Planes and zeppelins were not used until the Second World War because earlier planes were unsuccessful and zeppelins hadn't been invented yet. But planes were found to be useful and they evolved around the war. The zeppelins were massive airplanes like air tanks ready to drop massive bombs. Modern Technology These modern methods were more effective, accurate and much more reliable. The older methods included horses, which were fast, but as animals they needed feeding, looking after and they needed rest so that meant they would have to wait prolonged periods for the chance to attack. It would cost money to feed the horse. They needed medicine to look after the horse as well. Dogs and pigeons were also used in the war for communication. Pigeons could fly distances of up to 60 miles and 80% of messages got through. But radio messages and telegraph wires were much more useful and would have direct contact with HQ and all messages would get through. So the older methods were fine for the time. ...read more.


As I went over the project I found different ideas and views on how technology was good and needed and how European Warfare would have been better off without it. I found out which machines were useful and which caused more hassle than good. I found why people views were what they were and whether they were good enough or not. At first before I came into this project fully, my views were that all technology was for the best but some were not and some were vital for peace. Weapons can be used for peace but they are mostly used for war. I found that tanks, if not invented, would surely effect the damage felt on Britain. Most probably increasing it because of the way the British used it so much. I had also found that if the German machine gun had not been invented, that the Germans may have lost the war much quicker because of the way they fiercely mowed down enemy soldiers heading towards the trenches. I found that many people had to put their trust in the machines and use them because of the inevitable increase in use of them. Many people I have read about have pushed for an technological advance in weapon warfare where others have the sure belief that it will all end up wrong. ...read more.

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