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'The road not taken' and 'Not my best side'

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The Road not taken and Not My best side The first line, "two roads diverged into a yellow wood," starts off the poem explaining 2 choices available to the author in life, using the extended metaphors of "roads" and "wood." As well, the word "yellow" is symbolism for the uncertainty Frost has in making his choice. In the line "And sorry I could not travel both", the word 'both' immediately indicates that Frost wanted to take both the paths, but being 'one traveller', he had to make a choice. The choice, it is clearly shown, was not an easy one "...long I stood and looked down as far as I could..." In the last stanza the narrator seems content with his choice yet he tells of it with a sigh: not so much a regretful sigh but a speculative one, 'I shall be telling this with a sigh.' ...read more.


This again relates to life in that when a decision has to be made, the choice should not depend on external appearances. The imagery created is typical of Frost. In many of Frost's poems, nature imagery is always seen. In this poem, the setting itself is in the woods, which provides the most stereotypical image of nature. The title is of a very ambiguous nature. At first glance, the title could suggest that the poem is likely to feature around a choice one has to make. However, on analyzing the title carefully, the word 'not' in the title could suggest a longing for the path that Frost did not take or the word 'not' could also signify the fact that no person travelled on that road. ...read more.


The third monologue is that of George, the knight. He is portrayed not as the heroic figure of St George, but of a modern, technologically minded, self-obsessed man. In the poem, George is very boastful, e.g. 'I have diplomas in Dragon management and Virgin Reclamation', showing the stereotype of a young male. The voice created by this character is very cheerful, not evil and threatening like in the traditional story. This voice is created by word choice, such as 'Poor chap', 'Literally on a string'; these phrases are not associated with evil characters, but more with high-spirited people. The phrases used by the dragon portray how the poem is the inverse of the painting itself. The damsel speaks in the second monologue, and once again is not the stereotypical princess from the traditional story. She is portrayed as more of a modern, feminist woman, who is not enthralled with the knight. ...read more.

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