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The Sane Hamlet

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The Sane Hamlet Hamlet is a play about a man who has had a father killed by his uncle, after this act of treachery the uncle then marries Hamlet's mother. Hamlet is sane in this play because prior to going "insane" he informs us he is going to. If Hamlet were truly insane he would not be able to tell others that he is going to act insane as of a certain point in time. Hamlet would try to deny insanity, not pride himself in the fact that he is insane. Hamlet uses insanity as a way to express himself, almost as if he thought people would think it was normal for him to these things because he was insane. Hamlet is sane in the play because he can think and act normally, he acts normal towards key characters in the play, he is totally aware of what is going on around him, he acted nothing like Ophelia, and he is able to still get what he wants in the end. Hamlet thinks and acts thoroughly in the play, if he were insane he would not be able to think situations through. Hamlet thinks clearly in thought when acting out thoughts in the play, certain factors that would benefit him. An insane person would not think things through, they would just act on emotions. ...read more.


Hamlet calling Polonius a fishmonger may be seen as insanity to most, but not to Hamlet, being more of an intellectual than the rest, it humours Hamlet causing emotional relief. Hamlet is totally aware of his surroundings and the events taking place around him. He is still intact with emotion, he does not react out of context, and he reacts to sad events with sadness and so on. He is not constantly hearing voices or hallucinating like a madman, it is Hamlet not his father telling him to kill Claudius. Throughout the entire play in any situation does Hamlet pause to think what emotion a sane person would use? "You were sent for", Hamlet says this just after he finds out his mother and father have sent Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to find the truth of his act of madness (2. 2. 278). Hamlet reacted normally in this situation, his parents sent people to spy on him, and his reaction is anger, a perfectly normal reaction in this situation. Hamlet's knowledge of death drives him to murder and madness (Knight). Hamlet is not the only one who sees the ghost, Haratio must also have knowledge of death, he is not insane and neither is Hamlet. It may drive him to murder, but not madness, he only kills the same amount of people Claudius does, and Claudius is not insane. ...read more.


"Drink off this poison", Hamlet forces the king to drink the poison to no have revenge also for his mother's death (5. 2. 331). He is still sane because his mind is so clear, he is able to still feel sadness for his mother and get revenge for both his father and mother, if he were insane he would have just hauled off and killed him without these extras. We are incapable of achieving things because we do not understand ourselves (Lewis). Hamlet understood himself so he achieved his goal and was not insane by killing the king, he did it all for justice and even for the people for Claudius killing off a better king, King Hamlet, he did it for the people that could not understand themselves and in turn not able to take down a corrupt monarchy. Through thinking and acting normally, being sane towards certain characters, knowing how to react in unusual situations, being different from Ophelia, and achieving what he wanted in the end Hamlet is truly a sane person. It was all to avenge the death of Hamlet's father, he may have staved off the final outcome, but only because he thought things through when others out of being insane from these traumatic events would not be sane enough to be capable of doing the same. ...read more.

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