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Twelfth Night - Analyse how Shakespeare creates tension through the setting, character and the dramatic impact of language, showing how you think the audience is being asked to respond.

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TWELFTH NIGHT Analyse how Shakespeare creates tension through the setting, character and the dramatic impact of language, showing how you think the audience is being asked to respond. This is an essay in which I am analyzing how Shakespeare creates tension through the setting, character and the dramatic impact of the language. I am also going to write about how the audience is being asked to respond. The story Twelfth Night is an interesting blend of sadness of separation and love between a brother and a sister when both of them get separated by a shipwreck. It also deals with messages going between lovers, but in return they receive nothing. For instance, Orsino sends his love messages to Olivia throughout the play, but in return he doesn't receive any love from her. In Act I scene 1, the play begins as the Duke of Illyria, Orsino, longing for the love of Olivia, says: "If music be the food of love, play on!" In Act I Scene 2, Viola has confirmation that she also has lost a brother, Sebastian. Then she comes to know from a sea captain who saved her that Orsino is the ruler of the country and he is a bachelor who loves Olivia. Viola decides that she wants to serve Olivia as a messenger. When the captain makes it clear to Viola that Olivia is in seclusion, Viola decides to change herself to a man and serve as a messenger in Orsino's court. ...read more.


Orsino counters this with the argument that women are very inconstant in love and do not have a feeling as deep as the love he has for Olivia - "There is no woman's sides Can bide the beating of so strong a passion..."Viola doesn't think that this is true because of the love she has for Orsino. She also attempts to persuade him that women are as true of heart as men - "In faith they are as true of heart, as we", by telling him a false story she makes up about a sister who loved a man too constantly and too well - "My father had a daughter loved a man...". Here tension is created as Viola talks about herself of how much she loves Orsino, but Orsino doesn't realise that. Orsino is the ruler of Illyria. He is lovesick for Olivia and will not give his affections up for her. He is also a moody man. Tension is created here when his affections shift or change at the end of the play from Olivia to Viola. He has now fallen in love with Viola as soon as the truth is revealed. Olivia is the countess of Illyria and the lady whom Count Orsino loves. She lost her brother before the beginning of the play. So she decides to be in mourning for her brother for seven years. ...read more.


The play also carries all kind of moods such as sadness and happiness. We can see some sadness in the play when Olivia rejects the love Orsino is mad for, and also when Viola cannot express her love for Orsino. On my point of view, the audience found the play very humorous, as they knew what is going on. For example, the audience knew that Viola was a lady dressed up as a man and that Olivia fells in love with Viola. On another occasion, Orsino unwittingly states the truth about Viola's disguise. He says of Viola that "thy small pipe is as the maiden's organ, shrill and sound, and all is semblative a woman's part", the quote is loaded with dramatic irony, as Orsino has guessed the truth about Viola without knowing it, while the audience both knows about Viola's true identity, and Orsino's good guess. These scenes make a lot of tension in the play and the audience enjoy them a lot. From my point of view, I found 'Twelfth Night' very humorous and interesting. The story is interesting by the way Shakespeare used language and created tensions in 'Twelfth Night'. The whole play is about people falling in love but in return not receiving the love they wanted. The most interesting character in 'Twelfth Night' to me is Viola. I found Viola very interesting as she plays a very interesting role in the story out of all the others. Written by Sultan Ahmed Sultan Ahmed 13 - 03 - 2001 1 ...read more.

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