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War of all wars

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War of all wars The sky turned an evil black as the arrows departed the bows of the Centaurs who were in formation at the top of the keep. The castle of Zeus was taking a battering but the battalions of beasts stood firm. The Humans, who were attacking from the North, were overwhelmingly outnumbered yet seemed to be brave. The settlement was on the shores of Athens and the Aegean Sea, the only way the humans were to "win this war of wars" was to attack from the land. Half of the Human army were already destroyed by the unicorns and Minotaurs miles away from Athens. The wall of arrows dispatched by the centaurs marked the beginning of this tragic battle between man and myth. The Humans lined up, horsemen at the frontline, Soldiers in the middle and archers at the rear. ...read more.


He then uttered to himself "So it is here on this dusty landscape, on these grassy fields where the destiny of man should be decided!" He drew his sword then bellowed "give them a volley!" Then out of nowhere a whistling sound penetrated the ear as millions of arrows were fired in the direction of the beasts! "Thump!" As the arrows hit a line of dragons that merely wailed then dropped to the depths of hell. Igor now raised his sword high in the air and exclaimed "chaaaarge!" A sea of chain mail coated men thrust themselves toward the enemy as did the beasts. It has begun. The hooves of horses, unicorns and Minotaurs clattered the earth as they edged ever closer to their opponents. Igor had mounted a horse and joined the pursuit of blood. The most metallic sound was heard as iron hit steel and swords hit shields, a full-scale battle was on our hands. ...read more.


The men were yelling "victory!, victory!" That was when a hideous roar was heard from above and then all went silent... The men could hear their own heartbeats "boom boom!" "boom boom!"... "aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixxxxxxxxxx"" the shrill was heard again then from above the clouds Cerberus appeared! Igor shivered then pronounced "it is as we feared!" Cerberus was truly a beautiful creature it's a shame he is an evil one. The glistening ball in the sky glare sunlight off of Cerberus' shiny scaly skin creating an amazing rainbow colour. Its three canine heads were slightly more terrifying, they were roaring, biting and snapping at the air, such a ferocious creature yet so beautiful. The dogs were foaming at the mouth and wouldn't stop shrieking until they were fed with human flesh. The beast arched out of the sky and like an arrow dived toward one man only... Igor! It was to be the leader of the race of men against the leader of the Beasts. ...read more.

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