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What do you find significant about the strategies Hosseini uses in the opening chapter of "The Kite Runner"?

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What do you find significant about the strategies Hosseini uses in the opening chapter of the kite runner? In the opening chapter of the kite runner Hosseini uses many different narrative techniques to entice the reader. For a start, the book begins in first person, with a paragraph about what Amir saw when he was twelve years old. The reader is left wondering as to what it was he saw enticing them already. "I have been peeking into that deserted alley for the last twenty six years". ...read more.


In addition to this, he mentions places like 'Golden Gate Park' and 'Kabul' casually as if the reader knows the places already, making them feel as though they are more a part of the story. The metaphor about the past and how it 'claws its way out' provides imagery and intrigues the reader, making them wonder about what Amir saw that day. The author slips into past tense when giving in-depth details of the story, providing a sort of flashback effect: 'and suddenly Hassan's voice whispered in my head: For you, a thousand times over.' ...read more.


The passage has a cyclical structure by referring again to 'the winter of 1975' at the very start and end of the chapter. Even though the narator doesn't reveal much, you feel you understand the opening sentence much better and wish to find out more e.g. 'And made me what I am today'.- The reader cannot help but ask: What is he today?! To conclude, Hosseini uses a number of techniques to draw the reader into the narrative. The personal details described, along with the ambiguity of what actually occurred, stirs the curiosity of the reader. The significance of what Amir is not sharing with us right away forms mystery from the lack of explanation. ...read more.

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