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What impression of war and history does Tennyson give in The charge of the Light Brigade?

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What Impression of war and history does Tennyson give in The Charge of the Light Brigade? (800-1000 Words) In my view Tennyson gives the impression of war being very noble, heroic, honourable yet also dark and those members of the Light Brigade participating in war are doomed and condemned. He also conveys a period of history when no soldier would disagree with, or dare resist an order whatever the consequences. It was a time when it was honourable to die in war, for your country, and for your King. Tennyson gives the impression of war being noble and heroic because of the references to the Light Brigade. Constant references and praise is conveyed to The Light Brigade making a charge in battle. Tennyson views this as the bravest act of a soldier in war. An example of this is "Forward the Light Brigade! more.


Examples of this are "Into the valley of Death", "Into the jaws of death, into the mouth of hell" with each line followed by "Rode the six hundred." This shows that Tennyson, despite describing the war as noble, is perhaps indicating that the war is dark and the Light Brigade were already going to die. Perhaps, he is adding to the valour of the Light Brigade by saying they were so brave that they rode to their deaths and that they are so courageous that they are riding out to meet their fate. Tennyson emphasizes death by using capital letters for death and hell, eg. "Into the valley of Death". Tennyson also portrays the pace of the battle as being very quick and full of zest by developing a fast rhythm and pace within the poem. He does this in many ways: Firstly, he uses anaphoric phrasing, such as "Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward," This repetition emphasizes the fast paced rhythm, thus emphasizing the quick pace and energy and zest surrounding the charge and the battle. more.


he said:" The impression given by Tennyson of the times and history in which this poem was composed is that it was a time when it was honourable to fight and die for your nation. We know this from lines such as "Honour the charge they made, Honour the Light Brigade!" For Tennyson it was a time when no man would dispute or question a higher ranked officer's or a General's decision. From the entire second verse, especially "Theirs not to make reply, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die..." With all points considered, it is my opinion that the impression Tennyson gives of war is that it is noble, heroic and brave to fight, though, perhaps, war is dark and destructive. The impression of history Tennyson gives is that the time was that when war was glorious and imperialistic and at a time when no decision was questioned, no matter how great or obvious the errors of war are. Seamus Mulready English coursework more.

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