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What is the importance of Act 3 Scene 5 in a performance of “Romeo and Juliet”?

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What is the importance of Act 3 Scene 5 in a performance of "Romeo and Juliet"? 'Romeo and Juliet' is about 'a pair of star crossed lovers...that...take their life...Doth with their death bury their parents strife.' 'Romeo and Juliet' is set over a five-day period, starting Sunday morning and ending Thursday morning. In these five days numerous things have happened and the interpretation of particular characters changes. Act 3 Scene 5 is a pivotal scene in the play as Juliet has already defied her parents by marrying a Montague. At the start of the play, an interpretation of Juliet is that she is an obedient young girl, but as the play progresses the audience feels that she is a growing woman who will persist until she gets what she wants. ...read more.


Romeo and Juliet argue about the fact that it is day. Juliet believes it is still night and the light coming through the windows is from the moon. Juliet doesn't want Romeo to go but if he stays he will die and Juliet, after a while, changes her mind and tells Romeo to go but Romeo doesn't want to go now, "Let me be ta'en, let me be put to death;" Through this part of the scene the language of Juliet is very apprehensive, and that she doesn't know what is going to happen if Romeo stays. I think this is why Juliet changes her mind because Romeo tells her what will happen to him if he stays, "I must be gone and live, or stay and die." ...read more.


At first I thought that the relationship between the Nurse and Juliet was flawless. They communicated well and were very close but then as the scene progresses the Nurse becomes more devious and shifty giving the idea that Juliet should obey the idea of her marrying Paris even if she doesn't want to. At the end of this scene Juliet feels isolated a she has no one, everyone has turned on her. But what the Nurse doesn't know is that Juliet is going to go along with what she has said about telling her parents that she will marry Paris. As soon as the Nurse leaves Juliet, Juliet expresses her true feelings about the Nurses, "Ancient damnation! O most wicked fiend!" Juliet will never trust the Nurse again; "Thou and my bosom henceforth shall be twain." ...read more.

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