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analysis on settlement hierachy coursework

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Data Analysis Hypothesis In my introduction of my investigation I made a hypothesis that said, "the settlements of Prestwood and Wendover demonstrate the settlement hierarchy." I predicted that Prestwood was a large village and Wendover was a small town, and I said that I would try and prove this by observing and comparing the two settlements with each other. Over the last four months I have investigated this hypothesis thoroughly and my results and data presentation have proved that my hypothesis was correct. I have collected this data in various different techniques, but my main technique was the questionnaire, which I carried out in both settlements. Some of which is primary information, like the questionnaire which I designed, the photographs which I took of particular services and characteristics in each settlement which I collected all myself; and some of it is secondary information like the data which I collected from the Aylesbury reference library. My data helps show that the two settlements that I carried out my investigation in, Prestwood and Wendover are placed in some sort of order in the settlement hierarchy. Prestwood is the smaller settlement of the two with a population of 7124 people, and Wendover being the larger settlement of the two having a population of 8612 people; I collected this data form the Aylesbury reference library. Also in Wendover there is a wider range of places where the people have visited from in Wendover, whereas in Prestwood the majority of people visited from within ...read more.


These statistics give me the impression that people are only willing to travel a long distance to use the high order services rather than in Prestwood most people have travelled from within the village or the outskirts of it. Due to the fact that there are more high order services available in Wendover may be the reason in why there is a higher amount of people using the services, and why more people have travelled to Wendover from a distance than Prestwood. From my questionnaire research I found that the general maximum people travel to visit Prestwood is the settlement of Gt. Kingshill, which is only 3 minutes away from the services. I have not included the person whom visited from Aylesbury or Hughenden or the person whom was passing through, due to the number for each was so little. In extent, the maximum length people travel to use the services of Wendover was the settlements of Gt. Missenden and Prestwood, which is roughly 7 miles. 4. Do the number of services available reflect the population of each settlement? In Wendover the number of services does reflect the population of the settlement; this is due to having the population of a small town, being smaller than the large town and bigger than a large village. This is corresponding in the amount of the services and the type of order of the services, as there are more services, with a higher order than the small village but a smaller amount of services than the large town. ...read more.


As you can see above I have placed the two settlements appropriately; Wendover is plotted beside the small town section and Prestwood at the top of the village section which is symbolizing that its is not quite a small town but a large village. In conclusion, during the time that I have carried out my investigation on whether "the settlements of Prestwood and Wendover demonstrate the settlement hierarchy" I have discovered many factors in thorough detail. I have found out that the settlement of Wendover and the settlement of Prestwood do in fact demonstrate in some order the settlement hierarchy. From my own knowledge, experiments and techniques I have made an opinion of my own that Prestwood is a large village and Wendover is a small town. I have discovered through secondary information from the Aylesbury reference library that the settlement of Prestwood has a population of 7124 people, and Wendover, the larger settlement of the two has a population of 8612 people. I have also established that the two settlements of Wendover and Prestwood also demonstrate the order of services hierarchy due to finding out that the larger population the larger the number of high order services and the smaller the settlement the larger percentage of low and medium order services. The larger the population the higher the number of services within and so there is a higher majority of people visiting from far distances. The higher the number of services in the settlement the larger the population and the larger the settlement the busier the roads and the higher amount of vehicles passing. ...read more.

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