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Development Increases Inequalties within a country. Discuss in the context of one named country

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´╗┐Development Increases Inequalities within a Country. Discuss in the context of 1 named country Economic Development is the increase in ones standards of living within the country's population with sustained growth from a simple, low-income economy to a complete opposite, high-income economy. The secondary impact of this Economic Development allows Social Development to take place, as the government is able to increasingly invest in the population?s standard of living. Inequality is the extent of differences between populations or people. In this case, Inequality is the Socio-Economic differential gap within or between populations or individuals. Although there are inequalities between different nations, there can also be inequalities within a specific country. Italy for example is classified as an MEDC but it still has many people living in poverty. In addition, Development may or may not increase inequalities within Italy. Development increases economic inequalities. Geographically, The north of Italy brings in more tourists due to the mountains in the Alps and the spatial distances to other countries like France, Monaco and Switzerland. Therefore economically, the tourists who don?t want to travel far can travel to the north of Italy and increase the economic development of this area of Italy. ...read more.


This helps to increase life expectancy in the north, as there are less ill people and diseases spread less often. As life expectancy increases, the north becomes increasingly attractive to the people living in the south and therefore whole families are more likely to migrate to the north to have a better livelihood. The north experiences a mean infant mortality of below 9 deaths per 1000 and the south experiences a mean infant mortality of above 11 deaths per 1000. Better health care facilities in the north help to reduce infant mortality rates, which allow more babies to be born and less psychological trauma occurs from infant mortality. The increase in infrastructure in the north of Italy can also improve other resources needed like food, water and education. Education is also a main driving factor for families as parents would like their kids to become well educated so they?ll be able to get a good job and earn money which will eventually help to provide for the parents in later life and increase their social well being. ...read more.


In addition, the government also subsidises the farmers in the south in order to maintain levels of cheap agricultural produce and reduce the rural/urban migration. This means that the quality of life is improved as inequalities throughout the country get reduced due to increased development. In conclusion, I believe that development initially has the potential to increase inequalities spatially within a country as areas of economic prosperity develop and other areas are left behind. However, I believe that over time, the less developed areas will eventually increase their development by economically benefitting from these core areas and therefore gain the infrastructure needed to help to develop their own settlements. This development is primarily seen to be economic as this is what the country needs to further drive its development. However, the secondary effects of this development will eventually also benefit the country socially. The initial development can also sometimes help to reduce inequalities for one area, but at the same time increase inequalities for another area. In addition, if one region suffers from inequality, it is more likely to suffer from multiple inequalities as they?re linked together. Therefore, each individual country will have different types of development and different types of inequalities that will affect one another. ...read more.

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